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Over the last 40 years, the use of informatics to inform an understanding of health and decision-making has grown exponentially thanks to the expertise and hard work of AMIA members like you.

Today, informatics as a profession is at a tipping point. No longer is it just a special skill—a "knack" for using data. Informatics is a full-fledged career path, and the key for realizing the current goals of healthcare reform.

That’s why AMIA is introducing a new five-year strategic plan—to guide the organization and its members into the next era of informatics. We’ve worked over the last few years to elicit insights and input from AMIA members—both formally and informally—and applied it in developing the plan.

As consumers across the health and healthcare spectrum push for better outcomes, lower cost and improved value, now is our collective opportunity to expand and deepen the role of informatics in transforming health and healthcare.

We invite you to get involved—connect, learn, grow and lead—and bring on the next era in informatics.

Download the strategic plan overview.