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AMIA’s Health Informatics Essentials is designed to promote the profession of health informatics and its power to transform health care. The online educational series is comprised of five CME/CNE-certified courses, each of which offers topical modules with multiple video lectures. With a curriculum based on AMIA Health Informatics Delineation of Practice published in JAMIA (Gadd et al, 2020), the courses are geared toward professionals who are involved in direct or indirect care of patients and who desire to learn more about the practice of health informatics coming from a range of educational and training pathways, including but not limited to nursing, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, public health, health informatics, and computer science.

More than 32 hours of on-demand education are available through the Health Informatics Essentials courses. The video lectures contained within each course cover subject matter that is core to the practice of health informatics and range in length from 8 to 30 minutes.

Benefits of Health Informatics Essentials

Professional Development That Is Accessible, Affordable and Flexible

Gain Continuing Education Credits - CME and CNE

  • Prepare to enroll in formal degree programs, courses, or workshops
  • Pursue certificates, accreditations or other credentials through educational programs

Improve job performance

  • Keep up with technology, systems, processes
  • Learn about new developments in your field
  • Improve existing skills

Increase opportunity for new duties and responsibilities

  • Take on new challenges in current position, projects, long- or short- term assignments
  • Explore new career paths with informatics education

Available Courses

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Foundational Knowledge

Credits: 5.00 CME, 5.00 CNE

Identify key health informatics concepts and skills and their relationship to health informatics practice.

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Credits: 5.50 CME, 5.50 CNE

Demonstrate knowledge of the concepts and skills needed to enhance decision-making and processes within health care and public health organizations to achieve improved outcomes.
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Health Information Systems

Credits: 9.25 CME, 9.25 CNE

Demonstrate knowledge of concepts and skills needed to ensure that health information systems meet the needs of health care and public health organizations, health care and public health professionals, and patients.
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Data Governance, Management, and Analytics

Credits: 7.00 CME, 7.00 CNE

Demonstrate knowledge of concepts and skills needed to ensure data quality and analyze health data to support the processes and performance of health care and public health organizations.
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Leadership, Professionalism, Strategy, and Transformation

Credits: 6.50 CME, 6.50 CNE

Demonstrate knowledge of concepts and skills needed to lead development and implementation of health informatics plans, strategies, and policies that strengthen health care and public health organizations.


Health System Membership

AMIA’s Health System Membership is designed to help organizations support the health informatics education and training needs of staff in health systems and hospital settings.

Through the membership, individual health system and hospital employees are granted credits they can use to take advantage of AMIA’s many digital, learning-on-demand programs including Health Informatics Essentials.

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