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AMIA’s corporate partners and corporate members represent a diverse group of organizations that play a unique and powerful role in healthcare, academia, and product research & development. AMIA thanks the organizations that are supporting the association, its mission, and its many programs, products, and services.

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Partner with AMIA

Strategically partnering with AMIA will not only help focus your organization’s marketing, but it will allow your organization to contribute to something bigger.

AMIA offers a broad range of opportunities for corporate partners and members to engage directly with established and emerging leaders in informatics.

Opportunities include:

  • Thought leadership, educational presentation, and other speaking opportunities
  • Brand-building sponsorship, advertising, and exhibition opportunities
  • Employee recruitment opportunities
  • Philanthropic support opportunities
  • Attendance at AMIA’s three in-person conferences
  • Immersion through individual AMIA memberships for your organization’s employees
  • Participation on AMIA’s Informatics Partnership Council
  • Involvement in AMIA’s advocacy and public policy initiatives
  • Connection through AMIA’s Working Groups and other communities
  • Access to AMIA’s on-demand education, training programs, and certification programs for your organization’s employees

Your organization has a story to tell — a mission to share, ideas and innovations to reveal, research to unveil, solutions to offer, services to help, and maybe even employees to hire. Share your story with AMIA’s members, the most influential leaders of the informatics community. Make your mark on healthcare.

Partner with AMIA and shape the image of your organization. You’ll impress upon AMIA’s members that your organization is enhancing the association's initiatives, improving member benefits, and advancing the field of informatics. You’ll show that your organization is supporting AMIA’s members, their education, their careers, and their professional home. Perception matters. Make sure your organization is aligned with AMIA and positioned as a leader.

When it comes to decisions, 20% are based on rationale, but 80% are based on emotions. Your customers aren't just looking for great products and services. They're looking for solutions. They're looking for an organization and for people they can trust. Partnering means positioning your company as an industry leader and a credible resource. Become a partner and break the industry sales barrier.

Repetition is Key. It takes multiple exposures to a single marketing message for a consumer to act. Make sure your message reaches your target audience enough times throughout the year to make a difference to your bottom line. Partner with AMIA and make sure your organization gets noticed.

Corporate Partnership & Membership Program

AMIA’s Corporate Partnership & Membership Program is designed to elevate and promote organizations that make certain minimum annual investments in the association. The program recognizes organizations at three Corporate Partnership levels and at a single Corporate Membership level and provides ample — but different — recognition and benefits to each group.

Corporate Partnership & Membership Levels

  • Platinum Partner — $80,000 minimum investment
  • Gold Partner — $50,000 minimum investment
  • Silver Partner — $20,000 minimum investment
  • Member — $8,500 minimum investment

Reaching the Minimum Investment

All corporate partnership and membership plans are custom-built. Together, we build your strategic plan based on your organization’s unique needs, preferences, and goals and make the most of your available resources.

All funds spent in the following categories count toward meeting the minimum investment:

  • AMIA individual memberships (required)
  • AMIA conference registrations (Informatics Summit, Clinical Informatics Conference, Annual Symposium)
  • Sponsorships
  • Advertising placements
  • Exhibition booth fees
  • AMIA organizational memberships (Academic Forum and Health System)
  • Career site job postings
  • Private meeting space rentals (in conjunction with AMIA’s conferences)
  • AMIA online informatics education registrations
  • LEAD Fund donations

In other words, in designing your custom partnership or membership plan, we include everything your organization spends with AMIA in these areas in your total investment. It’s the amount of the total investment that qualifies your organization for one of the partnership levels or for the corporate membership.

Corporate Partnership & Membership Benefits

Designed to truly elevate the organizations that are supporting AMIA, the Corporate Partnership & Membership Program provides ample recognition and many valuable benefits. For comparison, each level is outlined here.

  Platinum Gold Silver Corporate
Breakfast with the AMIA Board of Directors (2) Invitations (1) Invitation (1) Invitation  
15 Minutes of Fame with the AMIA Board of Directors X      
Two (2) Seats on the Industry Partnership Council (IPC) X X X X
Partnership announcement in a press release X      
Partnership announcement in AMIA eNews X X    
Partnership announcement on AMIA’s social media platforms X X X  
Dedicated blast email to AMIA members (partner provides content) X      
Complimentary meeting space at Annual Symposium X X    
Recognition on AMIA website home page All year 3 months    
Recognition on AMIA website partners & members page X X X X
Recognition at the Annual Symposium Opening Keynote X      
Recognition on signage at AMIA's conferences X X X  
Recognition on pre-session slides at AMIA's conferences X X    
Recognition in printed program guides for AMIA's conferences Logo Logo Name Name
Designation as a partner in Annual Symposium Exhibit Hall Floor Plan (if exhibiting) X X X  
Discount on select sponsorship opportunities 15% 10% 5%  
Discount on exhibition space at AMIA's conferences X X X X
Member, early-bird rate for conference registration for all employees X X X X
Member rate for online education course registration for all employees X X X X
Customized package with benefits related to selected components X X X X

Download the 2024 Corporate Partnership & Membership Overview


Expanded Benefit Details

View full benefits table

On Sunday morning during the Annual Symposium, representatives from your organization will be invited to meet with AMIA leadership to provide feedback, hear updates about the association, offer insights on the field of informatics, and discuss how partnering together will help your company and AMIA achieve common goals.

You’ll have the Board of Directors’ attention for up to 15 minutes for a private presentation or discussion at the beginning of their meeting at the Annual Symposium.

The IPC provides an ethical and objective environment within which corporate partners can identify shared visions and address common issues; suggest and develop informative and engaging programs for the AMIA community; strengthen AMIA’s strategic plan; and play a vital role in advocacy and advancing public policy. It is through the IPC that Corporate Partners receive policy briefings and participate on the Public Policy Committee’s RFI response teams. Two representatives from your organization may serve on the IPC.

Get Started

Contact Dina Santucci, Vice President of Business Development, to begin designing your organization’s corporate partnership or membership plan or to learn more.

Get Started

Contact Dina Santucci, Vice President of Business Development, to begin designing your organization’s corporate partnership or membership plan or to learn more.

Advertising Information

AMIA leads the way in transforming health care through trusted science, education, and the practice of informatics. AMIA offers numerous ways for organizations to promote products, solutions, and events to AMIA members and website visitors.