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The Academic Forum is an institutional membership for biomedical and health informatics training programs. Each member program provides leadership and networking opportunities to one to four AMIA Members from their institution to represent their program within the Academic Forum.

Academic Forum Members represent more than 80 premier institutions that offer a range of courses, degrees, and fellowships, reflecting the diversity of informatics research and the practice of translational bioinformatics, clinical research, consumer, clinical, and public health informatics.

Emerging and long-standing programs join the Academic Forum to collaborate, share best practices, and give back to their programs through informed knowledge.


Please complete the application form and email it to Kara Mathews at

Become an AF Member


Download the Academic Forum membership brochure

Benefits of Academic Forum Membership


Market Your Programs





  • Volunteer leadership opportunities via the Academic Forum Executive Committee, subcommittees, and committees
  • Present your work at the Academic Forums LIEAF Conference
  • Award opportunities exclusively for Academic Forum members


Membership Breakdown

  Full Program Single Program
Price $3,000 $1,250
Representatives 4 1
Voting members 1 1
Programs listed in Informatics Academic Program directory Unlimited 1
Academic Forum Membership Value
20% AMIA meeting discount (one per representative) $800 $200
Access to Clinical Informatics Fellowship Match Program $370 $370
Exhibit space discount at AMIA conferences $1,825* $1,825*
(LIEAF) Conference registration (one per representative) $2,400 $600
Informatics Academic Program listing
(Jan. - Dec.)
(based on two programs)
Total Member Value $34,020 $17,220

*Subject to current rates. Rate shown here is for AMIA 2024 Annual Symposium.
**Based on AMIA Website Advertising rates


Qualification for Membership

  • An academic unit of an educational organization that is offering a program leading to one or more degrees or certificates in informatics may join as a full member
  • A unit of an organization that offers fellowship or residency training programs in informatics may join as a full member
  • A unit of an organization that provides post-doctoral training as a component of a research program may join as a full member
  • Accreditation bodies, foundations and government agencies that are interested in informatics training may join as affiliate member
  • Units that are building informatics programs are eligible for emerging membership