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To improve health in the United States and globally, dedicated members and staff engage policymakers and other thought leaders to holistically improve health and health care with use of informatics’ science, research and practice. By engaging directly with legislators and providing access to global innovation events, AMIA is devoted to being the go-to thought leader and convener for the field.

AMIA Public Policy exists to improve the legislative and regulatory environment for health informatics research, practice and education through AMIA member expertise.  We engage both Congress and the Federal Agencies on a spectrum of policy issues meant to optimize care delivery & care experience, improve population and public health, and advance biomedical research through the collection, analysis and application of information.

Below, you will find our current policy priorities. Explore the links to see how AMIA is advocating in each area and why it matters to advancing informatics and health care for all.

North Stars

Healthcare Workforce

Support the healthcare workforce by advancing the field of informatics and reducing burden on clinicians.

Via existing initiatives, AMIA has been pursuing advocacy projects that support the healthcare workforce, advance informatics, and reduce burden on clinicians. Two major projects under this North Star are:

Evidence-Based Care and Decision-Support

Advocate for evidence-based care and decision-support through informatics, including through machine-learning and AI.

AMIA continues to focus on advancing evidence-based care and decision-support, including but not limited to advances through machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In 2023, AMIA collaborated with Harvard Medical School’s Division of Clinical Informatics (DCi) to host the Blueprints for Trust: Best Practices and Regulatory Pathways for Ethical AI in Healthcare conference. The goal of this Collaboration is to make concrete, implementable recommendations to federal offices regarding ethical use of AI in real-world evidence, clinical decision making, and consumer health. Following the initial Conference, the collaboration is ongoing and expanding to other relevant stakeholders, including federal agencies.

Health IT Solutions Ameliorating Systemic Biases and Discrimination

Advocate for health IT Solutions that Ameliorate Systemic Biases and Discrimination.

AMIA continues to advocate for health IT solutions that reduce systemic biases and discrimination. This goal aligns with our policy principle “Health Data Privacy,” which articulates that AMIA supports federal protections from harassment, targeting, unwanted marketing, bias, discrimination, stigma, and exploitation resulting from use, disclosure, or reidentification of health data.

Informatics Research Funding

Advocate for ongoing funding for the field, including Informatics Research.

AMIA continues to work closely with federal offices and part of that will include taking advantage of opportunities to advocate for more funding in Informatics research