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The Journal of Biomedical Informatics (JBI) is the premier methodology journal in the field of biomedical informatics. JBI publishes research on new methodologies and techniques that have general applicability and form the basis for the evolving science of biomedical informatics. Papers should focus on a real-world biomedical or clinical problem, develop a novel approach to address the problem, and evaluate its appropriateness in comparison to the current state-of-the-art (SoA) methods. Involvement of healthcare professionals in motivating the work and evaluation of results is expected.

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Focus Areas and Topics of Interest

JBI seeks to publish papers that make a conceptual contribution to the field, typically by describing an innovation in methodology or technique or by discussing substantive generalizable lessons that have been learned in the context of an informatics project.


When a methodological contribution has a theoretical basis, that theory is an appropriate emphasis for papers as well. Research papers may also present a novel "method of methods" explaining how to apply the existing methods to a space of biomedical problems that share unique characteristics influencing the choice of methods.

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JBI is published by Elsevier and Mor Peleg serves as Editor-in-Chief.