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Informatics turns data into information and knowledge. Informaticians discover health insights and accelerate healthcare transformation. AMIA Why Informatics? Podcasts is a pilot project bringing together diverse voices within the AMIA community.

For Your Informatics: exploring the limitless world of medical informatics, showcases talented individuals at all career stages and paths to reveal the limitless and diverse world of biomedical and health informatics professions, led by Women in AMIA.
The podcast originated in 2018 as a Women In AMIA initiative to share opportunities for women in the American Medical Informatics Association, promote equal opportunity and treatment of women in biomedical informatics, and increase the number of women in the biomedical informatics pipeline. We recognize that women are not the only underrepresented group in AMIA/biomedical informatics and the podcast content is valuable to everyone, not only the underrepresented. While the podcast remains produced by women, we hope to capture the interest of all humans in the world. Contact FYI Podcast Editor.

 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/78FmRzocxJ6JFK53WL7r3e

 SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-270416906



For Your Informatics Podcast Team

Karmen S. Williams, DrPH, MBA (Director)
Wendy Marie Ingram, PhD (Host)
Adela Grando, PhD, MCS (Host)
Mindy Ross, MD, MBA
Tiffany Harman, BSN, RN
Rachael Howe, MS, RN
Leyla B. Warsame, MD (Host, Social Media Ambassador)
Davina Zamanzadeh, PhD Student (Social Media Ambassador)
Zubin Khan, MS (Social Media Ambassador)
Anita Murcko, MD, FACP, FAMIA (Host)

The ACIF Go-Live Podcast is produced by the AMIA Clinical Informatics Fellows. Informatics leaders and legends are interviewed by up-and-coming physician fellows.


Note: Opinions of the interviewer(s) and guest are their own and comments do not imply endorsement by AMIA or other affiliated organizations.

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