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For Your Informatics: Episode 40 - Climate Health in Informatics

July 3, 2024
More and more we are seeing the urgent need to discuss and address climate change and its effects on health. We are joined by an innovator in biomedical informatics to discuss Climate Health in Informatics. "The Climate, Health and Informatics Working Group is committed to supporting AMIA in its vital role in applying informatics to facilitate action addressing climate change and its negative impacts on human health".
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For Your Informatics: Episode 39 - Deflating Note Bloat

June 4, 2024
Listen in on this episode for an insightful dive into the world of Electronic Health Record (EHR) documentation! In this episode, we unravel the complexities of note bloat – the challenge healthcare providers face when recording patients' crucial information. Discover the innovative strategies and future initiatives aimed at tackling note bloat head-on. Tune in to stay ahead in the evolving landscape of healthcare documentation!
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For Your Informatics: Episode 37- Consumer Health Informatics and Mental Health (CHIL at Yale)

April 24, 2024
The Consumer Health Informatics Lab at Yale University is engaging in cutting-edge research and practice tailored to the consumer. In this episode, we delve into the latest breakthroughs and insights at the intersection of digital health and mental health. From innovative apps to personalized interventions, we uncover how technology is revolutionizing the way we understand and address mental health challenges.
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For Your Informatics: Episode 35 - AI in Medicine and Healthcare

November 6, 2023
In this eye-opening episode, we dive deep into the world of Artificial Intelligence and its pervasive impact on the field of medicine and healthcare. While AI holds incredible promise to revolutionize healthcare and benefit patients, regardless of background, it is not all roses and sunshine. Join us as we explore the crucial and often overlooked issue of AI bias in medicine and healthcare.
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Episode 34: ACM-AMIA Joint Podcast Series: Clinical AI-Challenges and Advice

October 12, 2023
In this episode, part of a special collaboration between ACM ByteCastand the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)’s For Your Informatics podcast, hosts Sabrina Hsueh and Adela Grando welcome Regina Barzilay, a School of Engineering Distinguished Professor of AI & Health in the Department of Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the AI Faculty Lead at MIT Jameel Clinic. She develops machine learning methods...
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Episode 33: ACM-AMIA Joint Podcast

August 1, 2023
In this episode, part of a special collaboration between ACM ByteCast and the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)’s For Your Informatics podcast, hosts Sabrina Hsueh and Adela Grando welcome Mor Peleg , Professor of Information Systems at the University of Haifa and Founding Director and Head of its Data Science Research Center. She is Editor in Chief of the Journal of Biomedical Informatics and an international fellow of the American...
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Episode 32: ACM-AMIA Joint Podcast Series

April 18, 2023
Fireside chat with Dr. Holly Urban: Career transition from clinician to product management Dr. Holly Urban is a pediatrician and clinical informaticist. She received her BA from Stanford, her MD from the University of Colorado, and her MBA from Regis University. After working for several years as a practicing pediatrician, Holly transitioned to working in product management roles for Healthcare IT vendors, including product leadership roles at...
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For Your Informatics: Episode 31- Teens, Portals, and 21st Century Cures Act

February 1, 2023
This podcast is focused on information blocking and sensitive health data, more specifically, the newly implemented 21st Century Cures Act and the unanticipated impact these regulations have on teens, parents, and providers. Our experts will explore the policy and practice landscape of the 21 Century Cures Act with a focus on adolescent health data sharing and its sometimes direful consequences.
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For Your Informatics: Episode 29- The Informatics Industry

May 23, 2022
Academic and clinical informatics are well-known career paths in informatics, but what about the industry side of informatics? What is industry? What is the role of informatics in industry organizations? Learn this and more about the partnerships with industry within AMIA and the potential career paths toward industry.
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Episode 27: ACM-AMIA Joint Podcast Series

April 22, 2022
The ACM-AMIA Joint Podcast Series is a joint effort of the Women in AMIA’s For Your Informatics (FYI) Podcast and the ACM ByteCast. The podcast series explores the interdisciplinary field of medical informatics where both the practitioners of AI /ML solution builders and the stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystems take interest. The two host professional societies, ACM’s practitioner's board and AMIA's Women in AMIA Steering Commitee, have...
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For Your Informatics: Episode 25- Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves' - AMIA Working Groups (Part 1)

February 24, 2022
Meet a few of AMIA's 23 Working Groups and learn about their missions and goals, as well as, how you can get involved! Working Groups: Mental Health Working Group-Wendy Marie Ingram, PhD AMIA Working Group Steering Committee-Vicky Tiase, PhD, RN-BC, FAMIA, FAAN Education Working Group-Kris Alpi, MLS, MPH, PhD Ethical, Legal and Social Issues Working Group-Melissa Clarkson Consumer Health Informatics Working Group-Katherine Kim, PhD, MPH, MBA...
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For Your Informatics: Episode 23- 25x5: The Critical Mission to Reduce Documentation Burden

December 21, 2021
An AMIA-led project to reduce documentation burden to 25% of what it is today within 5 years. This project was led by a Steering Committee of AMIA members who organized and convened a Symposium on the topic, called “25 by 5”, in 2020 and 2021. This episode highlights the 25x5 Symposium, results, and next steps. Additionally, the guests describe the survey that was initiated by the Steering Committee to evaluate informatics professionals’ thoughts...
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For Your Informatics: Episode 22- Women in Informatics Around the Globe

September 14, 2021
Dr. Nabukenya is an Associate Professor of Informatics and the former Dean of the School of Computing and Informatics Technology at Makerere University in Uganda. She founded and chairs the Health Informatics Research Group at the Makerere University to solve fundamental health challenges in Uganda, the African Region, and other low- and middle-income countries. Dr. Aldekeyel is an Assistant Professor in health informatics at the College of...
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For Your Informatics: Episode 21- FYI & ACIF Go Live Joint Series: History of Medical Informatics - Mentorship

September 8, 2021
This joint podcast series discusses the history of medical informatics through the lens of innovators in the field. We aim to highlight historical events in health informatics as well as topics of interest to new and upcoming professionals. We begin with the topic of mentorship and how to build mentorship in areas that are non-existent, new, and up-and-coming.
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For Your Informatics: Episode 14- Diversifying JAMIA

October 27, 2020
Dr Bakken has conducted federally-funded clinical informatics research for more than 25 years. She currently serves as Director of the Center for Evidence-based Practice in the Underserved and of the Reducing Health Disparities Through Informatics Pre- and Post-doctoral Training Program, both supported by the National Institute of Nursing Research. Dr. Bakken is an elected fellow of the American Academy of Nursing and American College of Medical...
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For Your Informatics: Episode 13 - Mentoring and Networking

June 4, 2020
Dr. Hongfang Liu's in informatics has resulted in informatics systems that unlock clinical information stored in clinical narratives. Her work accelerates the pace of knowledge discovery, implementation and delivery for improved health care. Dr. Liu's primary research is to facilitate the secondary use of clinical data for clinical and translational science research and health care delivery improvement using data science, artificial intelligence...
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For Your Informatics: Episode 12- Trailblazer in Dental Informatic‪s‬

May 6, 2020
In Dr. Randa Perkins role as CMIO she is responsible for contributing to the long-term vision of IT health systems at Moffitt, and the Clinical Informatics Department, which facilitates both implementation and optimization of the electronic health record (EHR) and its various uses.Dr. Thankam Thyvalikakath is a biomedical informatics researcher and dentist. She is Director of the dental informatics core initiative at the Indiana University School...
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For Your Informatics: Episode 10 - Dr. Patti Brennan-Training the Next Generation of Informatician‪s‬

March 11, 2020
The NLM is the world’s largest biomedical library and the producer of digital information services used by scientists, health professionals and members of the public worldwide. Since assuming the directorship in August 2016, Dr. Brennan has positioned the Library to be the hub of data science at NIH and a national and international leader in the field. She spearheaded the development of a new strategic plan that envisions NLM a platform for...
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For Your Informatics: Episode 8 - Women in AMIA Podcast presents: The "XX-MEN of AMIA" Live Podcast Even‪t‬

January 30, 2020
Wendy Chapman is also the Director of a new Centre for Clinical and Public Health Informatics at the University of Melbourne in Australia and the founding chair of the Women in AMIA Committee. the founding chair of the Women in AMIA Committee. Tiffani J. Bright supports the Watson Health Evaluation Research Center by providing technical, informatics, and evaluative leadership in the design, development, and execution of evaluation research for...
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For Your Informatics: Episode 7 - Dr. Gondy Leroy's Career Pat‪h‬

August 12, 2019
Dr. Leroy joined the Eller College of Management in 2013. Before coming to Eller, she taught at Claremont Graduate College, which she joined after earning her PhD in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona in 2003. Her areas of expertise include natural language processing, text mining, text analytics, search engines, information retrieval and extraction and understanding by consumers, medical and biomedical informatics and...
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For Your Informatics: Episode 4 - Fact and Fictio‪n‬

December 1, 2018
Omolola I. Ogunyemi is also a Director of CDU’s Center for Biomedical Informatics. She currently leads an NLM-funded study that applies machine learning to clinical records to identify diabetic patients who have latent/undiagnosed diabetic retinopathy. Her short stories are published in various literary magazines. Topics Career Trajectory Research Projects Publishing Fiction
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For Your Informatics: Episode 2 - Magic in Mentorin‪g‬

October 1, 2018
Co-Host: Catherine K. Craven, PhD, MA, MLS, Senior Clinical Research Informaticist, Clinical Informatics Group, IT Department, Mount Sinai Health System, and Institute for Health Care Delivery Science, Department of Population Health Science and Policy, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY, NY. Catherine Arnott Smith was an NLM Medical Informatics Trainee at the Center (now Department) of Biomedical Informatics, University of Pittsburgh...
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For Your Informatics: Episode 1 - Dr. Carol Friedman's Career Journe‪y‬

September 1, 2018
Carol Friedman is also the 2017 AMIA Morris F. Collen Award of Excellence winner, which is only awarded to the most distinguished informaticians. Dr. Friedman is recognized within the biomedical domain as an innovator in Natural Language Processing (NLP). She was the first researcher to demonstrate the value of NLP for a broad range of clinical and biomedical applications, and was also one of the first to demonstrate that a general NLP system...
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