Why Informatics?

Discovering health insights. Accelerating healthcare transformation.

Every day people benefit from informaticians’ ability to accelerate healthcare’s transformation by collecting, analyzing and applying data directly to care decisions. Data produced throughout health and healthcare are the driving force of informatics and its ability to innovate critical advancements that directly benefit people.

Informatics is the intersection between the work of stakeholders across the health and healthcare delivery system who seek to improve outcomes, lower costs, increase safety and promote the use of high-quality services.

Informaticians Tell Their Stories

Why Informatics? Why AMIA?

Changing the Way We Approach Health and Healthcare

AMIA and its members discover insights and advance knowledge from healthcare's data to accelerate the transformation of health and healthcare.

We are a community committed to a vision of a world where informatics transforms people’s care. That’s why AMIA is the professional home for the informaticians of today and driver for the future of informatics. Through education, training, accreditation, certification and advocacy, AMIA supports the current and next generation of informatics professionals.