• AMIA Public Policy

    To improve the legislative and regulatory environment for health informatics research, practice and education through AMIA member expertise.

Policy Priorities

AMIA engages in a wide array of policy discussions, spanning multiple Federal Agencies and the Congress.  Broadly, AMIA focuses on policies that impact the science, application and field of informatics.  On a semiannual basis AMIA identifies a more focused set of key priority topics, depending on a number of factors, including the policy and political environment, staff-identified opportunities and AMIA member input.  Currently, AMIA’s Public Policy Platform includes the following priority issues:

  1. Health IT Patient Safety
  2. Workforce and Education
  3. Data Sharing in Research
  4. Health IT Standards and Interoperability
  5. Patient Data Access
  6. Electronic Clinical Quality Measurement

While it is expected that AMIA will engage on a number of additional issues, AMIA has established specific positions meant to help accomplish specific goals.  Please review the hyperlinked briefs associated with each issue for more information.