ACMI Policies and Procedures

ACMI became the College of Elected Fellows of AMIA through a letter of agreement in 1988. The agreement governs the purposes and the activities of the College within AMIA, establishes ACMI as a component of AMIA, and gives ACMI Fellows the free and unrestricted rights to the use of the name and acronyms (ACMI and FACMI). ACMI agrees to abide by the AMIA bylaws, handbooks, procedures and manuals.

ACMI is overseen by an Executive Committee which is comprised of elected ACMI fellows. The ACMI Executive Committee is responsible to the AMIA Executive Committee and ultimately to the AMIA Board of Directors. The AMIA staff is responsible for maintaining handbooks, procedures and manuals that detail functions of the volunteer structure which includes ACMI.

ACMI Governance Manual