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Public Biography
I am the inaugural Chair for the Department of Biomedical Informatics (DBMI) at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Distinguished University Professor. I am proud of endowing the UPMC Chair in Biomedical Informatics for Greg Cooper, MD PhD FACMI (Vice Chair for Research) in recognition of our collaboration for the U54 Big Data to Knowledge Grant ñ The Center for Causal Discovery (see I am a member of NCIís Board of Scientific Advisors. My proudest accomplishment is raising three wonderful kids who are clearly the new and improved versions!

Historic ACMI Biography

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Dr. Becich received his bachelorís, MD, and PhD degrees from Northwestern University, and undertook residency and fellowship training in anatomic pathology at Washington University in St. Louis. He advanced through the academic ranks at the University of Pittsburgh, and is now Professor and Chair of the Department of Biomedical Informatics, Director of Oncology and Pathology Informatics, and also Professor of Information Sciences and Telecommunications. In this capacity, he has had an important role in the National Cancer Instituteís Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (CaBIG) and particularly the CaTissue application for research tissue banking. In addition to his scholarly contributions, Mike Becich is best known for creating the Advancing Practice, Instruction, and Innovation (APIII) conference and the Association for Pathology Informatics (API). His nomination to the College notes that ìFrustrated with the slow pace of adoption of informatics ideas in mainstream pathology, Mike took the bull by the horns and established these wildly successful subspecialty activitiesî and that ìhe is a deep thinker about the future of collaborative informatics and its role in personalized medicine.î Dr. Becichís election to the College recognizes these diverse and sustained contributions to the field.


The American College of Medical Informatics

ACMI is a college of elected Fellows from the U.S. and abroad who have made significant and sustained contributions to the field of medical informatics. It is the central body for a community of scholars and practitioners who are committed to advancing the informatics field.

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