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Public Biography
Krista G. Martin, Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, joined AMIA in 2012. She manages DEI efforts supporting membership, education, meetings and organizational relations. She is the staff liaison to the AMIA DEI Committee and subcommittees; publications and journals; and the Alliance for Nursing Informatics. Krista has broad experience in commercial and nonprofit organizations, and as a self-employed communications consultant.

Telephone: 301-657-1291 ext. 139


Journals and Publications Committee

Staff Liaison

The Journals and Publications Committee oversees AMIA’s journals, partner-journals, and publications, including monitoring relations with and the performance of the journals' publishers and editors, developing and reviewing policies on matters that affect the journals.

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Staff Liaison

The purpose of the AMIA Advancement (ADV) Committee is to ensure the effective and appropriate involvement of AMIA members in governance and non-governance leadership activities, such as those associated with Councils, Working Groups, and Task Forces.

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