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Public Biography
Kenrick Cato, PhD, RN, CPHIMS, FAAN, is a Professor of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania and a Nurse Scientist, Nurse Scientist – Pediatric Data and Analytics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Dr. Cato has a varied background. He worked as a database engineer and software engineer before serving as an infantryman (enlisted and officer) in the United States Army. He has also worked as a surgical and medical oncology staff nurse and as an analyst in the information technology department, working on projects to improve patient safety using Clinical decision support. Dr. Cato is a clinical informatician whose research program focuses on mining electronic patient data to support decision-making for clinicians, patients, and caregivers. Also, he is involved in several national-level informatics organizations, including as a board member of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), the Chair-elect of the Nursing Informatics Working Group(NIWG) of AMIA, as well as a convening member of the AMIA-sponsored 25 x 5 initiative to reduce documentation burden. Dr. Cato received his BSN, MS, and PhD in Clinical informatics, all at Columbia University.

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Dr. Cato applies rigorous data science methods, state of the art software development and implementation science to support decision making for nurse clinicians, patients, and caregivers. His application of advanced data analytics to nursing generated data has led to successful systems that predict patient deterioration one to two days before hospital deterioration.


Nursing Informatics
Working Group

Chair 2023-2024

Nursing Informatics is the "science and practice (that) integrates nursing, its information and knowledge, with management of information and communication technologies to promote the health of people, families, and communities worldwide."

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DEI Advancement of Health Equity Subcommittee


DEI Advancement of Health Equity and Antiracism in Healthcare Subcommittee positions AMIA to become a thought leader in addressing these topics at the intersection with informatics; serve as an organizational convener for education, research, and policy.

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The American College of Medical Informatics

ACMI is a college of elected Fellows from the U.S. and abroad who have made significant and sustained contributions to the field of medical informatics. It is the central body for a community of scholars and practitioners who are committed to advancing the informatics field.

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