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Public Biography
I'm an informatician at Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU), finished my MBI virtually and work remotely while I live in Los Angeles. I have special interests in medical research data sharing, ethical sharing of data, clinical research informatics and biomedical informatics education. I am also very involved with AMIA as I have served on the Student Working Group and Clinical Research Informatics Working Group executive committees and several AMIA task forces. I have been on the scientific programming committee for the AMIA 2015, the Joint 2016 conference, AMIA 2017, AMIA Summits 2020, and AMIA 2021.


Fellows of AMIA (FAMIA)

FAMIA stands for “Fellow of the American Medical Informatics Association” and it recognizes the contributions and professional accomplishments of AMIA members who apply informatics skills and knowledge to their practice – be that in a clinical setting, a public or population health capacity, or as a clinical researcher.

Year Inducted
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Working Group Steering Committee


The Working Group Steering Committee identifies trends and interests in biomedical and health informatics and oversees the Working Groups who exist to address the interests of AMIA’s members.

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Ethics Committee


The Ethics Committee reviews policies and procedures of AMIA programs to ensure that high ethical standards are maintained and recommends policies about conflicts of interest and types of conduct that should be discouraged.

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Governance Committee


The Governance Committee informs and leads the evolution of AMIA’s organizational structure and governance, with an emphasis on achieving optimal structure and operational processes to achieve AMIA’s strategic goals.

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