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Historic ACMI Biography

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After a bachelorís degree in nursing and mathematics from Wisconsinís Viterbo College in 1975, Connie Delaney went on to earn a masterís degree in nursing at the University of Iowa in 1978 and a PhD in 1986 in educational administration and computer applications. She added postdoctoral training in nursing informatics at the University of Utah while she was an assistant professor of nursing at the University of Iowa. She was promoted to Associate Professor in 1993 and to a full professorship in 2002, with an additional appointment in the School of Library and Information Science. Dr. Delaney has been an educator and researcher in the field of nursing informatics for more than 20 years. Her data-based research using the Nursing Minimum Data Set has contributed to both validation of the elements themselves and to better understanding of the relationship between symptoms and diagnoses and between treatments and outcomes. This research has also led to better understanding of the complexities of electronic data retrieval and use of knowledge discovery in database methods for knowledge building in clinical nursing practice. Her contribution to development of the Nursing Management Minimum Data Set is seminal. Moreover, she currently coleads with Dr. Virginia Saba a collaboration co-sponsored by the International Medical Informatics Association and the International Council of Nurses to develop and test an International Nursing Minimum Data Set. Professor Delaney is widely sought for her expertise in nursing informatics and nursing informatics training. She lectures extensively and is an Honorary Professor at the University of Wales in the United Kingdom as well as the eMR Professor, Faculty of Nursing and Faculty of Medicine, University of Iceland.


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