• AMIA 10x10 Courses

    Training Health Care Professionals to Serve as Informatics Leaders

10x10 Virtual Courses

Courses in 2018 - Registration open!

Introduction to Biomedical & Health Informatics for Emergency Physicians - Space still available!
10x10 with OHSU in conjunction with ACEP - June 13, 2018

Patient Safety and Health Information Technology (HIT) - Space still available!
10x10 with UIC - June 18, 2018

Principles of Pharmacogenomics 
10x10 with Stanford University - June 25, 2018

Interprofessional Informatics
10x10 with University of Minnesota School of Nursing - July 6, 2018

Introduction to Biomedical & Health Informatics
10x10 with OHSU - July 18, 2018

Healthcare Interface Design
10x10 with UTHealth - August 6, 2018

AMIA 10x10 Goal

AMIA believes that strengthening the breadth and depth of the biomedical and health informatics workforce is a critical component in the transformation of the American health care system. AMIA is committed to the education and training of a new generation of clinical, public health, research, and translational bioinformatics informaticians to lead the transformation of the American health care system through the deployment and use of advanced clinical computing systems of care by the end of the decade. AMIA's 10x10 program aims to realize the goal of training 10,000 health care professionals in applied health and medical informatics within 10 years. This training will be conducted in a wide range of settings across the United States by AMIA in collaboration with key academic partners in the biomedical and health informatics education community. The AMIA membership includes thought leaders who are the most qualified to pursue this effort through their many current and future informatics training programs. These programs have a tradition of turning out the leading thinkers, dating back more than thirty years, many of whom are now at the forefront of the health information and communication technology (HICT) revolution.

AMIA 10x10 Virtual Program

AMIA's 10x10 utilizes curricular content from existing informatics training programs and other AMIA educational initiatives with a special emphasis toward those programs with a proven track record in distance learning. The content provides a framework but also covers plenty of detail, especially in areas such as electronic and personal health records, health information exchange, standards and terminology, and health care quality and error prevention.

Currently AMIA's 10x10 courses cover the following topics in the field of informatics:

  • Clinical or health informatics
  • Clinical research informatics
  • Translational bioinformatics
  • Nursing informatics
  • Public Health informatics

AMIA’s 10x10 involves participants developing solutions to problems in real-world settings, ideally their own, guided by established informatics principles. Participants will be exposed to a set of concepts that upon completion will enable them to serve as champions in their local hospitals, outpatient offices and clinics, and other health care settings to use relevant informatics views in their health information technology projects.

Intensive in-person sessions will be located around the country, typically aligned with AMIA meetings (Joint Summits, Annual Symposium, or a separate non-AMIA meeting), sometimes co-located at the institutions of higher education, or offered as satellite meetings to various professional informatics, medical, nursing or meetings of other health professional groups. These sessions will provide additional lectures, panel discussions, project work, and an opportunity for students to interact in-person with faculty who are leading educators in the field of biomedical and health informatics.

Introducing i10x10

AMIA now offers an internationally-focused variation of the successful 10x10 program called i10x10. Courses qualifying for the i10x10 program should be endorsed by a local or regional International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) member society. Global partners interested in offering courses and learning more about i10x10 should contact AMIA. No application fee is required for submission of a proposal.

AMIA 10x10 Course Refund/Transfer Policy

If a registrant pays for a 10x10 course, then decides to withdraw from the course or cancel before the course start date, a full refund will be issued, minus a $50 processing fee.  If withdrawal or cancellation is submitted to AMIA up to 30 days into the course, a refund of half of the course tuition will be issued.  Any cancellation or withdrawal occurring more than 30 days after a 10x10 course has begun, will not be eligible for a refund, instead, the registrant may transfer to another 10x10 course offered by the same host institution occurring within the same calendar year.  Registrants may not transfer to a different host institution's 10x10 course, transfers may only occur within the same partner schools 10x10 program.

If no transfer or refund request is received by AMIA within 30 days after a 10x10 course has ended, AMIA will assume all terms and conditions have been fulfilled.  After that timeframe, registrants are not eligible for transfers or refunds.

For additional information about 10x10, please contact Susanne Vellucci at susanne@amia.org.