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The purpose of the Clinical Information Systems Working Group is

  • To increase awareness among its members and the larger clinical information systems community of ways to promote the successful and effective development, implementation, and evaluation of clinical information systems
  • To be an active force in promoting the dissemination of clinical health information technology to health care institutions in the US and around the world
  • To provide a forum for collegial development of clinical information systems professionals through for the education and collaboration of its members and to foster and disseminate research about clinical information systems.

The CIS WG accomplishes its goals by involving its members, as well as identifying and carrying out activities deemed important to the membership, including, educational and research activities.


Profile image for Eric Pan, MD, MSc, FAMIA, ACHIP


Chair 2023-2024
Associate Vice President
Profile image for Naveen Baskaran, MD, MSHI, ABPM-CI

Naveen Baskaran, MD, MSHI, ABPM-CI

Chair Elect 2024
Clinical IT Director
University of Florida


  • Performing: Working Group has high level of engagement and output (workshops, papers, webinars)
  • Networking: Working Group has internal and external networking opportunities for members (mentorship programs, social events, collaboration)
  • Developing: New Working Group or revitalizing efforts to grow membership (recruitment efforts, leadership)
Performing: 80%
Networking: 20%
Developing: 0%

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