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 AMIA Clinical Informatics Fellows (ACIF) is the home within AMIA for Clinical Informatics Fellows nationwide.

The subspecialty of Clinical Informatics is an ACGME accredited fellowship that "transforms health care by analyzing, designing, implementing, and evaluating information and communication systems to improve patient care, enhance access to care, advance individual and population health outcomes, and strengthen the clinician-patient relationship."    

Clinical Informatics sits at the interface of innovation, research, and leadership. As a community, ACIF endeavors to provide all Clinical Informatics fellows with the necessary support and resources to cultivate success and leadership for all of its members within the AMIA community.

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ACIF Go-Live Podcast

'Go Live' is a podcast brought you by the AMIA Clinical Informatics Fellows (ACIF) which discusses the intersection of Medicine and Technology, while bringing you entertaining interviews from experts in the field.


Profile image for Stefano Leitner, MD, MPH

Stefano Leitner, MD, MPH

Clinical Informatics Fellow
University of California, San Francisco
Profile image for Ajay Perumbeti, MD

Ajay Perumbeti, MD

Fellow in Informatics
Profile image for Eugene Kim, MD, JD, MS

Eugene Kim, MD, JD, MS

Vice President
Boston Children's Hospital
Profile image for Farah Dadabhoy, MD

Farah Dadabhoy, MD

Past President
Clinical Informatics Fellow
Mass General Brigham
Profile image for Daniel Lee, MD

Daniel Lee, MD

Chair of Communications
Clinical Informatics Fellow
University of Arizona/BannerHealth
Profile image for Hasan Ahmad, DO, MBA, FACP

Hasan Ahmad, DO, MBA, FACP

Chair of Education & Virtual Case Conference
Clinical Informatics Fellow
UW Medicine
Profile image for EzzAddin Al Wahsh, MD, MBA

EzzAddin Al Wahsh, MD, MBA

Chair of Events & Symposia
Clinical Informatics fellow
Mayo Clinic
Profile image for Taina Hudson, DO

Taina Hudson, DO

Chair of Industry and Entrepreneurship
Children's Mercy Hospital
Profile image for Suhani Goyal, MD, MBA

Suhani Goyal, MD, MBA

Chair of Media & Podcasts
Clinical Informatics Fellow/Hospitalist
Mount Sinai



  • Performing: Working Group has high level of engagement and output (workshops, papers, webinars)
  • Networking: Working Group has internal and external networking opportunities for members (mentorship programs, social events, collaboration)
  • Developing: New Working Group or revitalizing efforts to grow membership (recruitment efforts, leadership)
Performing: 60%
Networking: 20%
Developing: 20%

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