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The goal of our Master’s degree program is to train the next generation of researchers and leaders to advance the science of Biomedical and Health Informatics. Our MS program is research-focused; students must complete a thesis that aims at solving a research problem in the science of biomedical and health informatics. When broadly defined, we believe that a research-focused MS thesis can help our students achieve a broad range of career goals in the variety of domains that comprise BHI.

Our cross-cutting themes provide a more general vision statement for our graduate programs (MS and PhD) and the broad themes and goals we value in biomedical and health informatics education.

The core curriculum for our MS program is built around nine courses, and students may also select  from the wide range of related courses available from BHI-affiliated programs, as well as the UW catalog as a whole.  Optionally, students may also pursue a Data Science Specialization with their BHI M.S.

John Gennari
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Jill Fulmore
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