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AMIA is the multidisciplinary, interprofessional home for over 5,000 informatics professionals. We provide education, networking, professional development and leadership opportunities to help you connect, learn, grow and lead.

AMIA is a community of professionals who are passionate about using informatics to improve people's health and our healthcare system — physicians, engineers, nurses, data scientists, healthcare executives, public health specialists, researchers and many others.

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So meet one of our members: (Sabrina) Hsueh, PhD
IBM Academy of Technology member and Research Scientist, Center for Computational Health,
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

AMIA has a great mix of people who are truly multidisciplinary and includes both informaticians and practitioners.Being able to exchange opinions with those who are on the frontline keeps you honest and makes you think harder about where the real health impacts would be. To achieve the vision of precision health, we need to integrate insights learned from real-world evidence, from academic knowledge, and from the best practice in the field.AMIA is a one-stop shop where I can learn from the greatest minds in all of these perspectives. Learn more.

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AMIA’s Corporate Members are leading organizations that are committed to developing informatics professionals. Together, we can lead the field forward and truly transform health and healthcare. Discover the benefits of becoming a Corporate Member.