Scheduling the Exam

Candidates can schedule an exam appointment as soon as the ATT notice has been received. The exams are administered at secure, computer-based test centers around the world through our test delivery partner, Pearson Vue. To ensure exam security, there are multiple, equated exam forms, the items within each exam form are presented to each candidate in random order, and the test centers operate under strict security protocols. For a full list of test center locations and additional information about testing, please visit

Failure to Schedule an Exam Appointment

If a candidate does not schedule an appointment for, or take the exam during, the original 180-day exam eligibility period for which he or she was approved, and the candidate does not request an extension before the last date of the original eligibility period for which he or she was approved, the candidate forfeits the exam fee in its entirety.

Candidates who subsequently wish to re-apply will need to submit a new application and pay the then-current fees to continue their pursuit of certification. Such re-applications will be subject to all eligibility criteria in effect at the time of the new application.

Cancelling or Rescheduling an Exam

Once deemed eligible, candidates have 6 months (180 days) to take and pass the exam. Candidates may reschedule their exam 5 days or more before their scheduled exam date without paying additional fees.

It is mandatory that candidates who need to cancel or reschedule their exam FIRST make those arrangements directly with the exam delivery provider (via the contact information provided in the ATT notice) and THEN notify AMIA of the change via email to Only the candidate may request a cancellation, regardless of whether the exam fee was paid by the candidate or another party.

The exam delivery provider is unable to honor cancellation or rescheduling requests received fewer than five (5) days prior to a scheduled exam appointment. Exams cancelled or rescheduled fewer than five (5) days before the scheduled exam appointment result in the candidate forfeiting all fees; if there is still time within the exam eligibility period, the candidate may pay the retake fee to reschedule the exam.

Failure to Appear for a Scheduled Exam

If a candidate fails to appear for the scheduled exam appointment, the candidate forfeits all fees. If a candidate arrives late for a scheduled exam appointment, admission to the test is at the discretion of the Test Center staff. Candidates arriving late may not be allowed to test, in which case all fees will be forfeited, and the candidate will need to pay the retake fee to reschedule the appointment.

Refunds will not be given to candidates who fail to appear or arrive late for their exam appointments for any reason.

Exigent Circumstances

If a candidate is unable to keep an exam appointment due to an exigent circumstance that arises within the five (5) days prior to the scheduled exam appointment, the candidate is required to submit a formal request to reschedule due to exigent circumstances, accompanied by supporting official documentation, by email to in order to avoid forfeiting fees. This information must be received by the AMIA Certification Department within seven (7) calendar days after the candidate’s scheduled exam appointment. The following exigent circumstances will be considered if appropriately supported by official documentation:

  • Emergency room visit or hospitalization
  • Severe medical condition requiring non-elective hospitalization (of the candidate or the candidate’s spouse, child or other legal dependent, parent, grandparent, or sibling)
  • Death of an immediate family member (the candidate’s spouse, child or other legal dependent, parent, grandparent, or sibling)
  • Jury duty
  • Active military duty

In summary: Candidates who do not schedule and take an exam – and fail to request an extension – within the 180-day exam eligibility period, and candidates who cancel within five (5) days of the scheduled exam appointment or fail to show up on time for a scheduled exam appointment – and do not provide sufficient official documentation of an acceptable exigent circumstance (at the sole discretion and interpretation of AMIA’s certification department staff) – will forfeit all fees.