Exam Scores

One point is granted for each correct answer. There is no penalty assessed for an incorrect answer; points are scored only for correct answers.

The “cut score” (passing point) for the examination has been set according to accepted practices for standardized testing. The modified Angoff method was utilized to set the exam’s cut score. This is a common testing and measurement technique, through which a panel of subject-matter experts determine the difficulty of each exam item and recommend the cut score based on the expected performance of a minimally qualified candidate. The HICC Cut Score Task Force performed this type of formal cut score study and recommended the exam’s cut score, which was subsequently considered and recommended by the HICC Exam Committee, and then was considered and approved (as originally recommended by the Cut Score Task Force of subject-matter experts) by the HICC.

There are 150 multiple-choice questions on the AHIC exam, all of which are scored. Exam scores are reported to candidates as scaled scores ranging from 0 to 800 (rather than as raw scores). Candidates must achieve a scaled score of 600 or higher to pass the AHIC™ exam.

To support ongoing professional growth and help direct continued studies, score reports provide a dashboard summary of the candidate’s performance in each of the major content areas of the exam – but for exam security purposes, the score reports will not indicate which specific exam questions the candidate answered correctly or incorrectly.