Advanced Health Informatics Certification (AHIC)

Defining Health Informatics Practice

Pivotal Survey is Underway 

AMIA’s Health Informatics Practice Analysis Survey will be open November 7 to December 2.

This survey is intended for health informatics (HI) practitioners from all health domains*, all settings, and all career stages.

*This survey is not intended for Clinical Informatics Subspecialty Diplomates or Fellows.

AMIA members have received individualized links for the survey from

The survey is closed.

Who Should Take the Survey?

You should take this survey if your work involves:

  • Harnessing the power of data, information, and knowledge to improve decision-making across the heath sector
  • Optimizing care delivery and public health processes
  • Enhancing patient and health professional interactions with the health system
  • Strengthening the ability of individuals and communities to manage their health

You should take the survey if you perform one or more of the following activities:

  • Develop, implement, manage and evaluate health information systems
  • Manage and analyze data to support decisions related to individual health, population health, and organizational performance
  • Strategize, innovate, and envision advancements in health information systems and data analytics
  • Lead organizational changes in technology, practice, and culture required for implementation of the envisioned advancements
  • Strengthen the practice of health informatics and the health informatics workforce through mentoring, research on best practices, participation in standards development, and/or participation in policy development for advancement of health information systems, health data analytics, and the health informatics workforce

Survey Objectives

This survey is part of a rigorous analysis of the tasks performed by health informatics professionals and the knowledge required to perform those tasks competently. This process will delineate what constitutes the practice of informatics and inform AMIA’s development of AHIC and related programs. 

Survey participants will rate the list of tasks and knowledge that a panel of representative HI subject matter experts developed. The resulting Health Informatics Delineation of Practice will:

  • Provide guidance to HI education programs
  • Help employers understand the value that HI professionals bring to organizations
  • Assist HI professionals as they seek to identify knowledge and experience that will contribute to their career advancement

AMIA has completed a practice analysis to support the Clinical Informatics Subspecialty (CIS) Core Content update. The CIS Practice Analysis used a similar methodology as the HI Practice Analysis and involved individuals currently certified in the subspecialty. These parallel practice analyses will enable identification of practice areas that are shared by and unique to CIS and HI practice. AMIA will publish the results of both practice analyses in 2019.