Advanced Health Informatics Certification (AHIC)

AMIA’s 2015-2020 Strategic Plan calls for AMIA to enhance avenues for, and tangible recognition of, professional advancement for all members at all stages of their careers.

After completing preliminary work on Advanced Health Informatics Certification (AHIC), AMIA has broadened its focus to consider a range of certifications that may be valuable to informatics professionals.

Informatics Workforce Survey

In May 2017 AMIA surveyed informatics professionals and students to gather information on their current (or planned) role in informatics, their interest in credentials or certification, and characteristics of certification that will provide value to them.

Through these surveys, AMIA seeks to develop a deeper understanding of the informatics workforce. The results of these surveys will be used to further develop and launch AMIA’s health informatics certification program and other professional development programs. More information on the survey.

Ongoing Research

To complement the survey of individual professionals and students, AMIA will interview health informatics employers on characteristics of certification that would provide value to them and survey informatics educational programs on the types of degrees they offer and size of their programs.  In combination, these surveys and interviews will provide an important and unique opportunity for participants to contribute ideas that will shape the future of professional advancement in informatics.

Advanced Health Informatics Certification Updates

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