Ethics Committee

Reviews policies and procedures of AMIA programs to ensure that high ethical standards are maintained and recommends policies about conflicts of interest and types of conduct that should be discouraged, as well as procedures for discipline, if needed. The committee reports to the Membership and Outreach Committee.

Peter J. Embi, Chair, The Ohio State University
Samantha Adams, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Eta S. Berner, University of Alabama Birmingham
Phyllis Burchman, AMIA
Kenneth W. Goodman, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Bioethics Program
Christoph U. Lehmann, Vanderbilt University
Siaw-Teng Liaw, The University of New South Wales, Australia
Sarah Maulden, Dept of Veterans Affairs
Victoria R. Nichols-Johnson, SIUSOM
Carolyn Petersen, Mayo Clinic
Enrique Terrazas, University of California San Francisco
Peter Winkelstein, University at Buffalo Institute for Health Informatics