Women in AMIA Steering Committee

The Women in AMIA Steering Committee facilitates discussion and initiatives to grow opportunities for women in AMIA supporting the organizational vision that AMIA prospers through diverse members who are supported and empowered to reach their career goals.

The committee’s goals are to facilitate discussion and initiatives to grow opportunities for women in AMIA; aid women in AMIA to reach their goals and advance their careers; and promote equal opportunity and treatment of women in our field.

The committee will work with other member groups to accomplish the goals through training, networking, mentoring, recruiting, encouraging, and facilitating.  The steering committee will support a network of sub-committees that work on specific initiatives identified as high-priority by the Board in the strategic plan.  Current sub-committees include:

  • Awards and Leadership.  The subcommittee will identify, encourage, and enable women in applying for and obtaining leadership positions, awards, and professional recognition within and outside of AMIA.
  • Career Advancement.  Facilitates activities to educate women on career advancement in both academic and non-academic settings.
  • Lifecycle.  The sub-committee will provide opportunities for women to interact around issues of work/life balance at different life stages and help develop programs that support lifecycle issues at AMIA meetings.
  • Networking and Mentoring.  The sub-committee will create new networking and mentoring opportunities for women in AMIA.
  • Pipeline.  The sub-committee will identify opportunities to expose girls and young women to informatics.  The sub-committee will work with other volunteer groups in AMIA with the goal to increase the number of women in AMIA and retain the women in AMIA in the early stages of their career development.