Seamlessly Monitoring Chronic Conditions

Seventy-five percent of adults will be using a personal health record (PHR) by 2020 and many of them will be using smart phones.

For Mor Peleg, PhD, FACMI, professor, University of Haifa, this means it’s possible to provide evidence-based and personal decision-support to patients and their care providers any time and everywhere. 

Peleg’s work shows the importance of using informatics approaches to properly represent clinical guidelines based knowledge, adapt it to patient’s personal context and integrate it with patient data from diverse sourcessuch as electronic health records (EHRs) and data entered by patients through wearable devices–in order to provide evidence-based and personalized decision support when and where it is needed. 

Why Informatics? So, we can seamlessly access personalized, evidence-based clinical recommendations for patients with chronic conditions.