A Roadmap for National Action on Clinical Decision Support

June 13, 2006


The authors acknowledge the contributions of many individuals who helped to shape and provided input on this Roadmap. Richard Singerman served as project liaison for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). He was involved in, and provided valuable input to, each step of planning and execution of this initiative. Karen Greenwood and Dasha Cohen from AMIA organized the October 2005 workshop devoted to creating this Roadmap. Judy Ozbolt coordinated meeting site logistics with the Institute of Medicine. Remarks by Carolyn Clancy and David Brailer during the workshop help to shape the workshop deliberations. Many of the workshop participants provided comments on a draft workshop summary as well as two drafts of this Roadmap. In addition, other individuals provided comments during the Roadmap review process. All of these individuals are listed in Appendix E.

The American College of Medical Informatics (ACMI) members devoted their January 2006 meeting to review and discussion of the ideas contained in this Roadmap and in so doing helped to inform and validate the recommended approach. Eta Berner led the program committee that organized this meeting.

Karen Bell provided thoughtful guidance on how the Roadmap could relate to other ONC initiatives. Eric Pifer helped to personalize the vision of CDS in the scenario that appears in Section II. Tia Abner from AMIA assisted with the production of this document.