Regional Informatics Action

The purpose of the Regional Informatics Action Working Group (RIAWG) is to coordinate and develop communications and relevant activities among AMIA members involved in some capacity with state or regional informatics activities. The RIAWG membership is specifically charged to:

  • Represent a geographically distributed cohort of AMIA members that are "in the trenches" of regional initiatives involving informatics innovations in biomedicine and health care;
  • Track and share information among AMIA members who are involved with state level efforts such as health information exchange, regional extension centers, Beacon Communities, and health insurance exchange;
  • Enhance the ability of AMIA members to become more actively involved with their locally elected representatives or regulatory public servants;
  • Provide a forum for collaboration and discussion among AMIA members involved with regional initiatives
  • Develop more widespread distribution channels for uniform policy information (which is coordinated with the AMIA Public Policy Committee);
  • Help expand the reach of AMIA within the states and provide a resource to the AMIA Public Policy Committee;
  • Maintain information about relevant project descriptions and contacts that can be assembled into ad hoc task forces to respond to urgent regional health IT and biomedical informatics policy issues; and,
  • Expedite the recognition of, evaluation of, and response to relevant state or regional level policy issues that may be time-sensitive/dependent (e.g., legislation).

The ultimate goal of this working group is to develop a "grass-roots" task force that serves as a regionally nimble, yet nationally organized, vehicle for providing an integrated and coherent national message from the AMIA leadership to regional stakeholders and back.

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