ACMI Membership

Call for 2017 ACMI Nominations for Fellows

Nomination forms must be received by the AMIA office before 5:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday, June 19, 2017.

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Because all fellows are nominated and elected by existing fellows, it is not possible for an individual to apply for membership in the College. The intent of College is to recognize and reward high quality and sustained contributions to the field of biomedical informatics.

The objectives of membership in the College are to recognize expertise in biomedical Informatics; to designate to others those who are experts in biomedical Informatics; to assemble a community to promote biomedical Informatics; to participate on projects that advance the field, and to cultivate leadership for growth of the field. To achieve these objectives, it must have among its members the recognized leaders in biomedical informatics.

The Elections and Nominations Committee solicits annually nominations for Fellowship and candidates from other countries eligible as International Associates. The criteria for election are identical. Consideration is given to those individuals who have demonstrated major contributions in biomedical Informatics; have achieved national recognition in the field; and who are committed to advancing the charitable, scientific, literary and educational purposes of the College. The College defines biomedical Informatics broadly. The phrase medical should not be interpreted as restricted to physicians, but rather all aspects of health care and biomedicine: allied health, the biological sciences; clinical practice; education; health care facilities; health services research; librarianship; nursing; public health; etc. Informatics is also used broadly to include such foundational areas as: algorithms; artificial intelligence; cognitive science; communications; computer science; database methods; engineering; evaluation and assessment imaging and signal analysis; hardware design; simulation and modeling; standards development; systems and organization and visualization.

Please include a digital photo of your nominee if at all possible. If not by June 20, then shortly thereafter. We will include the photo on the ballot. It will also be used on the ACMI web site and JAMIA as it relates to the election of new fellows.

Specification of the photos:

Professional style head shot photograph (not waist up), roughly 3x4 aspect ratio, and 450x600 pixels.

Membership Categories

Voting Fellow

Voting Fellows are also voting members of AMIA, either because AMIA dues are paid or individual is a Life Member of AMIA. Voting Fellows have all rights of active membership.

International Fellow

International Fellows have all rights of active membership.

Non-Voting Fellow

Non-Voting Fellows who choose not to become voting members of AMIA. Non-Voting Fellows have all the rights of fellowship, except that they are ineligible to vote in elections or hold office.

Senior Fellow

Senior Fellows age 65 or older who choose to elect this optional category of fellowship are not voting members of AMIA. Senior fellows have all the rights of fellowship except that they are ineligible to vote in elections or hold office.


Inactive Fellows pay no dues and receive no benefits of the College except that they will receive mailings unless they ask to be removed from mailing lists.