ACMI News and Activities

Annual American College of Medical Informatics Reception and Dinner held at AMIA Annual Symposium

Another highlight of the year is the Annual Dinner and Reception for New Fellows held in conjunction with the AMIA Annual Symposium. At this event newly elected fellows and international associates are "read in" by a past-president of the College. At the conclusion of the induction ceremony, the American College of Medical Informatics' Incantation is read to inductees: "It has been said that the sweetest reward of a life of professional achievement is recognition by one's peers. Each of the persons recognized this evening has, by their sustained achievements, won the respect and admiration of their peers. Each of you, through your creativity, academic rigor, and perseverance, has brought recognition and honor to the discipline of Medical Informatics. Tonight, and from this point forward in time, that recognition and that honor, in some small measure, are returned to each of you. May this celebration of your achievements inspire you to yet greater contributions to Medical Informatics, for the betterment of all humanity."

Annual Winter Symposium

Fellows and their families participate in the annual American College of Medical Informatics' Symposium. This is a four-day event starting on a Thursday evening and ending on a Sunday around noon, consisting of three days of four-hour morning sessions for plenary and breakout discussions, with afternoons and evenings dedicated to recreational and social activities. The Symposium is started with a welcome reception and buffet on Thursday evening. Throughout the weekend, fellows and families come together for continental breakfasts and hospitality time.

Since 1993, a group of fellows and their families have enjoyed stimulating discussions on relevant current topics, an opportunity to share ideas and activities, and the chance to become better acquainted with colleagues and their families during the Symposium.