Letter from the Editor

Vol. 2
No. 2
Editor in Chief, Dipak Kalra, MD

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to introduce this next issue of the AMIA Standards Standard.

The potential value of electronic health records to support clinical research has been growing in importance in recent years. There is now a hope that the quality and interoperability of the data being captured in new-generation EHR systems could be used to help pre-screen patients who are suitable for recruitment into clinical trials, and even contribute data to a trials dataset. In this issue, Becky Kush describes the vision and summarizes some of the standards and research projects that are trying to turn this into a reality.

Also in this issue, Don Detmer and other international colleagues report on an initiative to develop a standard for a global traveler’s EHR. Such a record is not only important for holidaymakers and the business community, but in regions of the world such as Europe and Asia this kind of record can help improve the safety of those seeking cross-border health care services – which is a growing market.

With thanks to my Editorial Board, this issue also brings news on the latest developments from the major international standards development organizations.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue. Please do feel free to submit comments online or to email me directly. I'd also be very happy to learn of suggestions for future feature topics we should include.

With best wishes,

Dipak Kalra