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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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The upcoming Joint Summits on Translational Science provide a great opportunity to meet new collaborators and hear new perspectives on both TBI and CRI. The TBI Summit begins March 7 for two days. A ‘bridge’ day on March 9 joins TBI to the CRI Summit, which starts on March 9 and concludes on March 11. Program chairs Neil Sarkar and Philip Payne, respectively will provide an overview of the Joint Summits and take questions from callers. This is a chance to get a no-obligation peek under the hood of the summits and learn more about the content, speakers, panels, and learning objectives. Call toll-free into the teleconference on Jan. 20 at 2 p.m. EDT: 877-864-2828 and enter passcode 686612.

For your review prior to the call, the Summits’ panels include:


  • Case Studies: Demonstrating Interoperable caBIG tools®
  • Challenges in Personal Genomics
  • Therapy-Relevant Stratification of Breast Cancer
  • Service Oriented Architecture in Clinical and Translational Science Awards
  •  VIVO: Enabling National Networking of Scientists
  • Associating Semantic and Genomic Information
  • Resources for Pharmacogenomics


  • Integrating Research and Practice to Accelerate Clinical and Translational Science
  • Challenges and Emerging Solutions for Securing Medical Data
  •  Meaningful Use and Personalized Patient Education
  • Challenges and Lessons Learned with i2b2 Deployment
  • Developing Governance Approaches to Clinically Derived Research Resources
  • Semantically-aware, Service-oriented Clinical Trial Applications
  • Building Clinical Research Capacity in Developing Nations

Three tutorials usher in the Summits:

  1. Introduction to Translational Bioinformatics
  2. Ontology services for translational research in the i2b2 Workbench
  3. Statistics Concepts for Translational Researchers

For more details and to register, go to http://jointsummits2011.amia.org/

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This year's ACMI Winter Symposium, Feb. 3-6, examines healthcare economics, the role of HIT, and the potential contributions from the informatics community in relation to the economic circumstances forecasted for the healthcare system. ACMI Fellows are encouraged to register online for this event.

Featured speakers include:

  • Mark B. McClellan, Director, Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform
  • Leonard D. Schaeffer, Chair in Health Policy Studies, Brookings Institution
  • Louise Liang, Retired Senior Vice President, Quality and Clinical Systems Support, Kaiser Permanente
  • Thomas Graf, Chairman, Community Practice Service, Geisinger Health System

The venue for the Symposium is the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa in Bonita Springs, Florida. For more information, click here.

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Two upcoming educational events are coming up that provide top-quality content and world-class networking opportunities in public health:

10 X 10 Course on Public Health Informatics

A 16-week introductory, distance-learning course, starts Jan. 28, led by instructor Catherine Staes, BSN, MPH, PhD, University of Utah, with an opportunity to receive 50 Continuing Education credits. To see learning objectives and course content, click here. This course includes an in-person session with the instructor and fellow students at PHI 2011, described below.

PHI 2011: Setting the Next Informatics Agenda for Public Health, May 25-27, Orlando, Fla.

This national meet-up on public health is essential for professionals and students interested in organic collaboration, participation in thought leadership and consensus on the future of public health informatics. CME/CE credit available.

PHI 2011 is open to:

  • Faculty at Schools of Public Health and their students
  • Professionals focused on populations and prevention
  • Public health professionals in federal, state, and community agencies
  • Industry and business innovators
  • Global health professionals
  • Policy and funding directors from federal and philanthropic organizations

Meeting participants will focus on documenting and re-engineering the business of public health; knowledge management; evaluation of information systems; the intersection of health IT and public health; user-centered design and other human factors approaches, and PHI training and competencies.

The call for proposals is open. For more information, go to http://phi2011.amia.org.

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Help shape public policy to address today’s ongoing biomedical and health informatics issues, such as ensuring availability of a trained informatics workforce, protecting funding for core biomedical and health informatics research and training programs and services and ensuring sound implementation of health information technology. Implementing electronic health records and implementing meaningful use is a high priority of the Administration and the Congress. This continues to be a time of important opportunities and challenges for biomedical and health informatics and an exciting time for all of us, and we encourage every AMIA member to be a part of these important discussions. Your role at Capitol Hill Day 2011 is inextricably intertwined with the overarching issues facing us.

Please join us for AMIA Capitol Hill Day on April 14, 2011. Additional logistical and registration information will be available as we get closer to Hill Day. As a participant in Hill Day, you will be provided with everything you need to be successful, including background materials, talking points, and preparation tips for your meetings with Members of Congress. AMIA staff are available to work with you every step of the way. If you have questions, please contact David Padgham, david@amia.org.

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The National Quality Forum (NQF) has released two new reports: “Driving Quality: A Health IT Framework for Measurement and Driving Quality” and “Performance Measurement: A Foundation for Clinical Decision Support.” The Driving Quality report, based on the work of NQF’s Health Information Technology Utilization Expert Panel, developed the Health IT Use Assessment Framework. The NQF Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Expert Panel developed a CDS taxonomy to enable health IT system developers, system implementers, and the quality improvement community to develop tools, content, and policies compatible with CDS features and functions. For more information, click here.

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AMIA plans to submit information in response to the request from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Interested parties are invited to provide their perspectives on the effectiveness of federal agencies' participation in the development and implementation of standards and conformity assessment activities and programs. This information will help the Subcommittee on Standards develop case studies that federal agencies can consider in their future engagement in standards development and conformity assessment, particularly for multi-disciplinary technologies, or for technologies involving engagement from multiple federal agencies. Deadline for comment is Feb. 7. For more information, click here.

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The Project will take place under the auspices of the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) Standards & Interoperability Framework. This is a collaborative effort among the Health Story Project, Health Level Seven (HL7), Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) and interested Healthcare industry stakeholders called the Consolidation Project Community. ONC has launched a wiki page to support the project community.

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Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Office of Rural Health Policy (ORHP) has recently published a report, “Evaluation of the Flexibility Critical Access Hospital HIT Network Implementation Program”. The report evaluates how the grantees established HIT programs and helped future providers and networks adopt HIT. The report describes how grantees designed, created, and implemented functioning CAH HIT pilot networks and also describes the experiences of partner organizations. For more information, click here.

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“The Future of Healthcare: It’s Health, Then Care” is a new research report authored by CSC’s Healthcare Research Group, called Emerging Practices. It examines the renewed priority on helping people stay healthy, and the practices and technologies being used to detect and treat medical problems sooner, all with the ultimate goal of achieving better health outcomes. The report identifies five key trends that are shifting the industry’s focus and describes the promising technologies that facilitate these trends. The trends include empowering the patient, earlier problem detection, high-tech healing, changing the resources and the care model, and finally the emergence of a global ecosystem. For more information on this report, click here.

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The AMIA Board of Directors recently approved Eneida Mendonca, MD, PhD, University of Chicago, as the newest AMIA board member. Eneida will serve a one-year vacant term in 2011. Atul Butte, MD, PhD, Stanford University also has been selected to serve on the Executive Committee for this year.

Congratulations to Eneida and Atul! To review the complete list of Board members, go to www.amia.org/inside/leadership

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The DHHS Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology is offering summer internships and year-long fellowship opportunities. Both programs are located in Washington, DC. The summer internship program runs May-Aug. and the year-long fellowship program begins in September 2011. For more information:

Summer internship: click here

Health IT Policy Fellows Program: click here

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AMIA members who renewed their membership before Dec. 31, 2010, took advantage of some friendly competition that resulted in a big winner: AMIA Membership is pleased to announce that Tony Tong is the winner of a new iPad, courtesy of Wolters Kluwer Health and ProVation Order Sets! Tony is a PhD candidate at University of Oregon, Portland.

Please renew your membership if you have not yet done so. Your membership fees enable staff to plan for the coming year and manage AMIA’s budget efficiently and effectively. Encourage your colleagues and students to join too! You will reap uninterrupted access to JAMIA, weekly AMIA E-News, and world-class networking and educational opportunities.

Visit your “Open Invoices” page at myamia.org and log in using your e-mail address and password. If you don’t remember your password, you may click here to reset it. If you have any questions, please contact Rob Rader, Director of Member Services, rob@amia.org.

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AMIA is going where you’re going!

In Q1 2011, please visit AMIA at two popular meetings:

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Jan. 17

AMIA offices closed in honor of Martin Luther King Day.

Jan. 19-22
CPM Resource Center, an Elsevier company, 19th International Conference, San Francisco.

Jan. 20
Joint Summits Preview Conference Call with Program Chairs, 2 p.m. ET

Jan. 27
Joint Summits Early Registration, deadline.

Jan. 28
10x10 with University of Utah – Public Health Informatics

Jan. 31
10x10 with University of Kansas – Introduction to Health Informatics

Feb. 2
PHI 2011 Submissions, deadline.

Feb. 9
10x10 with OHSU – Biomedical Informatics

Feb. 21

AMIA offices closed in honor of Presidents' Day.

Mar. 7-9
Joint Summits on Translational Science, TBI, San Francisco

Mar. 9-11
Joint Summits on Translational Science, CRI, San Francisco

SAVE THE DATE: May 25-27
PHI 2011: Setting the Next Informatics Agenda for Public Health, Orlando, Fl.

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