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Thursday, November 15, 2012

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The wordle was created from the content of #AMIA2012 tweets. Thank you to @HITshrink Steven Daviss, MD, for sharing with the community.

This email contains photos and video clips. It is best viewed on a tablet, laptop or desktop screen. Photos by FAB PHOTO, Chicago.

AMIA 2012 Symposium Wrap-Up

AMIA 2012 was a grand success! More than 2500 members, registrants and exhibitor representatives from 63 organizations, corporations and universities experienced AMIA 2012.

The AMIA Twitter community drew 500+ participants, generating 4600+ #AMIA2012 tweets and 4.9 million impressions during 2012. Check the stats at the Healthcare Hashtag Project @symplur #AMIA2012 Top Influencers & Analytics.

Scientific Program Committee Presents Record-Setting Symposium

L-R John Holmes, co-chair, Bonnie Westra, co-chair, Bill Hersh, chair at the Leadership Dinner, Sponsored by Philips.

The Scientific Program Committee received 1,064 submissions and 942 reviewers participated. AMIA 2012 included variety in content and presentation types: 117 papers, 43 student papers, 72 abstracts presented at the podium, 358 posters, 33 panels, 5 late breaking sessions, 3 partnership-in-innovation presentations, 6 state of-the-practice presentations, 9 demonstrations, 23 tutorials and 9 working group pre-symposium programs.This year 150+ attendees took the opportunity to earn between 3, 6, and 9 CME/CE credits in the opening two days by attending Tutorial and Pre-symposia CME/CE credit offerings.

AMIA 2012 Speaks! Draws Diverse, International Attendance

The future of the informatics field could be seen in the increased attendance by student and young professional informaticians. AMIA 2012 attracted members and attendees from across the country and the world. AMIA-TV captured insight on why AMIA 2012 drew attention and what they were looking forward to seeing this year.

What are the biggest themes emerging at AMIA 2012?

What brought you to AMIA this year?

What's the biggest advantage of AMIA membership?

Why did you choose to pursue informatics?

AMIA Launches Clinical Informatics Subspecialty
Board Exam Preparation Program

A highly anticipated Late Breaking Session introduced Bill Hersh, MD, as the new course director for AMIA’s Clinical Informatics Subspecialty Board Exam Preparation Program. The well-attended session included a lively Q&A session with the panel. William Greaves, MD, American Board of Preventive Medicine describes the significance of the CIS exam slated for October 2013.  This is the first time physicians in all 24 board certified specialties will also be eligible for the Clinical Informatics Subspecialty. Bookmark for updates, FAQ and announcements on the AMIA course dates, fees and online evaluation tools.

Bill Hersh, MD, AMIA CIS-Prep course director

William Greaves, MD, ABPM

AMIA-TV covers Symposium Highlights

The AMIA community thanks the many sponsors of AMIA 2012, Corporate Partners and exhibitors. We also thank the sponsors of AMIA-TV for AMIA 2012 featuring exclusive symposium content and thought leadership profiles on Regional Extension Center programs. AMIA-TV is produced by WebsEdge Health. Interviews with AMIA leaders, members, attendees and thought leader stories are featured. 

CHITREC Chicago Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center watch the  video 
ALREC Alabama Regional Extension Center watch the video
Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality watch the video
Southern Piedmont Beacon Community watch the video
Texas Health Services Authority watch the video

The Exhibit Hall buzzed with activity and featured 14 Industry Showcase presentations by sponsors CAP, IMO, Linguamatics, fdb, Deloitte, Philips, nVoq, RTI International and Recombinant. AMIA also introduced a Job Board to encourage employer-attendee contact with the 63 exhibitors. Photo courtesy, Frank Naeymi-Rad, IMO.

AMIA Elects New Leadership

Congratulations to the newly elected AMIA Board of Directors. Leaders take their official positions on January 1, 2013

Chair‐elect (2013), Chair (2014‐2015)
Blackford Middleton, Partners Health Care System, Harvard University

Re‐elected  and Newly Elected Directors
John Holmes, University of Pennsylvania
Justin Starren, Northwestern University Biomedical Informatics Center
Martha Adams, Duke University Health System
Dean Sittig, University of Texas Houston, Memorial Hermann Center for Healthcare

Elections for Working Group leaders were also held. Representatives are incoming for the 2012 calendar year.

Nursing Informatics Working Group
Secretary - Midge Ray, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Member-at-Large - Denise Goldsmith, Brigham and Women’s University
Student representative - Julie Beckstrom, University of Utah

Student Working Group
Chair-elect - Rui Zhang, PhD Candidate, University of Minnesota
Secretary-elect - Jacqueline Feinberg, medical student from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

We thank the following board members for their service, dedication and commitment to AMIA and the members.

Outgoing 2012 Board members
Nancy Lorenzi, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Eta Berner, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Bonnie Westra, University of Minnesota School of Nursing
Jim Cimino, ACMI President

Keynote Speakers Spark Ideas

John Seely Brown, Independent Co-Chairman of the Deloitte’s Center for the Edge, gave a creative, imaginative and challenging Opening Session keynote. (Session video will be posted on, but is not currently available.)

Charles Boicey @N2InformaticsRN captured a moment via Twitpic

Judy Murphy, Deputy Director, Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT presented "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" an address that hit home with attendees concerned about Meaningful Use 2. ONC also conducted a session on MU and listening sessions with attendees to get feedback on important topics including:  Clinical Quality Measures – Stage 2 and Beyond; Health IT and Patient Safety – Safer Systems for Better Care; health Information Exchange Standards & implementation; Use of Clinical Decision Support in EHRs; and EHR Certification Program. (Plenary Session video will be posted on, but is not currently available.)

AMIA-TV interview with Judy Murphy   Slides can be viewed here.

AMIA Signature Awards

The Signature Awards were presented and acknowledged during the Opening Session and the Leadership Dinner. President of ACMI, Jim Cimino presented the prestigious Morris F. Collen Award following a tribute video prepared by the National Library of Medicine. (The tribute video will be posted on, but is not currently available.)

Morris F. Collen Award

Nancy M. Lorenzi, PhD, MS, MA, FACMI
New Investigator Award

Joshua C. Denny, MD, MS
Don Eugene Detmer Award for Health Policy Contributions in Informatics

Charles Friedman, PhD, FACMI with Don Detmer (L)


Donald A.B. Lindberg Award for Innovation in Informatics

James J. Cimino, MD, FACMI
Virginia K. Saba Informatics Award

Judith J. Warren, PhD, RN, BC, FAAN, FACMI with Virginia Saba (R)

AMIA Leadership Awards

Three AMIA President and CEOs were present at the AMIA Leadership Dinner. (L-R) Don Detmer (past), Kevin Fickenscher (present) and Ted Shortliffe (past).

Leadership of the Working Group Steering Committee

Martha B. Adams
Leadership on the Standards and Interoperability Framework

Douglas B. Fridsma
Leadership of the Membership Committee

Heather J. Sobko
Leadership of the Academic Forum

Stuart M. Speedie
Leadership of the Industry Advisory Council

Howard R. Strasberg

Member-Get-A-Member Award

2012 was a bright year for member recruitment. Active members brought 320 new members into the AMIA community. Rosemary Kennedy (center) won the Member-Get-A-Member Award for recruiting the most members. The Membership Committee, led by Chair, Heather Sobko (right), encouraged 283 AMIA members to participate in the effort. Rob Rader, Director Member Services, AMIA is pictured left.

Student Paper Awards

Student membership in AMIA continues to grow, comprising upwards of 25 percent of AMIA membership. This bodes well for the future of informatics and the promise of innovative research.  This year, eight finalists were chosen from 43 original submissions. The student paper Advisory Committee is led by Vimla L. Patel, PhD.

First Place
Prognostic Physiology: Modeling Patient Severity in Intensive Care Units Using Radial Domain Folding
Rohit Joshi and Peter Szolovits, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Second Place
Phenome‐Based Analysis as a Means for Discovering Context‐Dependent Clinical Reference Ranges
Jeremy L Warner and Gil Alterovitz, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School and Center for Biomedical Informatics, Harvard Medical School

Third Place
A Qualitative Analysis of EHR Clinical Document Synthesis by Clinicians
Oladimeji Farri, David S Pieckiewicz, Ahmed S Rahman, Terrence J Adam, Serguei V Pakhomov, and Genevieve B Melton, Institute for Health Informatics, College of Pharmacy, and Department of Surgery

Sudent Paper Finalists

L- R Oladimeji Farri, Jeremy Warner, Sungrim Moon, Rupa Patel, Jordan Brown, Rohit Joshi. Not pictured: Jialan Que and Xiaoqian Jiang

Selecting Cases for Whom Additional Tests Can Improve Prognostication
Xiaoqian Jiang, Jihoon Kim, Yuan Wu and Lucila Ohno‐Machado
Division of Biomedical Informatics, Department of Medicine, University of California at San Diego

A Collaborative Framework for Distributed Privacy‐Preserving Support Vector Machine Learning
Jialan Que, Xiaoqian Jiang, and Lucila Ohno‐Machado, University of California and University of Pittsburgh

Automated Disambiguation of Acronyms and Abbreviations in Clinical Texts: Window and Training Size Considerations
Sungrim Moon, Serguei Pakhomov, and Genevieve B Melton, Institute for Health Informatics, College of Pharmacy, Department of Surgery, University of Minnesota

Verifiable and Redactable Medical Documents
Jordan Brown and Douglas M Blough, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Probing the benefits of real‐time tracking during cancer care
Rupa A Patel, Predrag Klasnja, Andrea Hartzler, Kenton T Unruh, and Wanda Pratt University of Washington Papers

Distinguished Paper Awards

(Listed in no particular order)

Ensuring Patient Safety in Care Transitions: An Empirical Evaluation of a Handoff Intervention Tool
Joanna Abraham, Thomas Kannampallil, New York Academy of Medicine, Bela Patel, Khalid Almoosa, University of Texas Houston Health Science Center, and Vimla Patel, New York Academy of Medicine and University of Texas Houston Health Science Center

Exceptions Handling within GLARE Clinical Guideline Framework
Giorgio Leonardi, Alessio Bottrighi, Gabriele Galliani, Paolo Terenziani,  Antonio Messina, and Francesco Della Corte, University of Pavia and University of Eastern Piedmont

Ontology-Based Federated Data Access to Human Studies Information
Ida Sim, Simona Carini, University of California San Francisco Samson W. Tu, Stanford University, Landon T. Detwiler, James Brinkley, University of Washington, Shamim A. Mollahd, The Rockefeller University, Karl Burke, Harold P. Lehmann, Johns Hopkins University, Swati Chakraborty, Duke University, Knut M. Wittkowski, The Rockefeller University, Brad H. Pollock, University of Texas Health Science Center, Thomas M. Johnson, Mayo Clinic, and Vojtech Huser, National Institutes of Health

An Evaluation of the NQF Quality Data Model for Representing Electronic Health Record Driven Phenotyping Algorithms
William K. Thompson, Luke V. Rasmussen, Jennifer A. Pacheco, Northwestern University, Peggy L. Peissig, Marshfield Clinic, Joshua C. Denny, Vanderbilt University, Abel N. Kho, Northwestern University, Aaron Miller, Marshfield Clinic, and Jyotishman Pathak, Mayo Clinic

The Orderly and Effective Visit: Impact of  the Electronic Health Record on Modes of Cognitive Control
Charlene Weir, Frank A Drews, Molly K Leecaster, US Department of Veterans Affairs and University of Utah, Robyn J Barrus, US Department of Veterans Affairs, James L Hellewell and Jonathan R Nebeker, US Department of Veterans Affairs and University of Utah

Working Group Awards

Homer R. Warner Award
Kensaku Kawamoto

Clinical Information System Services and Capabilities Desired for Scalable, Standards‐Based, Service‐oriented Decision Support: Consensus Assessment of the Health Level 7 Clinical Decision Support Work Group
Jason Jacobs, Brandon M. Welch, Vojtech Huser, Marilyn D. Peterno, Guilherme del Fiol, David Shields, Howard R. Strasberg, Peter J. Haug, Zhijing Liu, Robert A. Jenders, David W. Rowed, Daryl Chertcoff, Karsten Fehre, Klaus‐Peter Adlassnig, Clayton Curtis
(Pictured Dominik Aronsky, Awards Committee Chair, Kawamoto and Joyce Mitchell, University of Utah)

Diana Forsythe Award
Eivor Oborn
Unity in Diversity: Electronic Patient Record Use in Multidisciplinary Practice. Published in Information Systems Research
Co-authors Michael Barrett; Elizabeth Davidson

Nursing Informatics Working Group Student Award
Rhonda Guse Cady
A Mixed Methods Approach for Measuring the Impact of Delivery‐Centric Interventions on Clinician Workflow

Harriet H. Werley Award
Constance Johnson
A Usability Problem: Conveying Health Risks to Consumers on the Internet

Distinguished Poster Awards

(Listed in no particular order)

  • Using a Medical Simulation Center as a Usability Laboratory for Healthcare Information Technology; Lisa Redden, Partners Healthcare Decision
  • Support in the Wild: A Qualitative Study on How First Responders Use Technology for Rapidly Identifying Toxic Chemicals; Suresh Bhiavnani, University of Texas Medical Branch
  • An Automated Method for for Validating Physiological Models; Timothy Ruchti, Hospira, Inc.
  • Tracking Immigrant Health with with Natural Language Processing; Stephen Wu, Mayo Clinic
  • High Performance Computing for Integrative Analysis of of Large Pathology Image Datasets; Joel Saltz, Emory University
  • OpenCDS ePHR: an Open Source, Standards Based Decision Support Platform for Electronic Public Health Reporting; Kensaku Kawamoto, University of Utah
  • Development off Sub‐Term Mapping Tools (STMT); Chris Lu, National Library of Medicine
  • Extracting Semi Structured Text Elements in Medical Progress Notes: A Machine Learning Approach; Dezon Finch, US Veteran’s Hospital, Tampa

ACMI Class of 2012

The American College of Medical Informatics Fellows includes 206 fellows eligible to vote and elect new fellows to the prestigious body.  Members are those who have made significant and sustained contributions to the field of biomedical informatics. More about ACMI and a database of fellows. The ACMI Winter Symposium, will be held February 7-10, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Congratulations to the new inductees
Jos Aarts, PhD Ross Kathryn H Bowles, PhD, RN
Iain E Buchan, MD, FFPH
Ross Koppel, PhD
Tze‐Yun Leong, PhD
Siaw‐Teng Liaw, PhD
James Richard Campbell, MD
James T Case, DVM, PhD
Peter J Embi MD MS
Eneida A Mendonça, MD, MSc, PhD
Daniel L Rubin, MD, MS
Embi, MD, Kaija Saranto PhD RN
James Geller, PhD
Shaun J Grannis, MD
Saranto, PhD, Suresh Srinivasan, MS
Umberto Tachinardi, MD, MSc
Thomas K Houston, MD, MPH
Michio Kimura, MD, PhD
Adam Wilcox, PhD

Networking Meet-up

Close to 300 attendees gathered on Monday night for a quirky and fun evening with Chicago-style hotdogs, brats and pizza, cocktails and games including Wii, golf, basketball, football and skeeball. Longtime members mingled with students and first time attendees in a mixer designed to do just what the name says – meet-up! 

  Check out the video!

Chicago Informatics Week Co‐chairs, Justin Starren, MD, PhD, FACMI, Northwestern University, Frank Naeymi‐Rad PhD, MBA, Intelligent Medical Objects, Inc. presented the official signed Proclamation by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel at the Opening Session. Sponsors are listed on  Informatics Week was October 30 - November 7 and brought together corporate, academic and organizational supporters representing the strength of informatics science and practice in the Chicagoland region.

“Two informaticians walk into a bar …”

The #AMIA2012 meme of the year was a curious cartoon caption contest used to promote the Chicago Informatics Week Networking Meet-up social event.

Attendees were asked to submit punchlines for the caption via twitter and email. More than 90 responses rolled in (see them all!). Thanks to the #AMIA2012 Ad Hoc Jokster Blue Ribbon Panel, Titus Schleyer, @titusschleyer; Paul Fu, Jr., @puhfu; and Miguel Torres –Urquidy @mhtunet for reviewing the entries and selecting winners.

 If nothing else, the caption contest clearly dispelled the myth (if there was one) that informaticians don’t have a sense of humor. Enjoy!

#AMIA2012 Trip report: Best conference I (n)ever attended!

Charles Webster, AMIA member, and active tweeter, blogged about his experience as a #AMIA2012 twitter attendee. Don’t miss his blog post  and follow him at @EHRworkforce. Chuck promises he’ll be there in the flesh for #AMIA2013 and we’re holding him to it!


“Two informaticians walk into a bar …”

Chair and President’s Choice (State of Assn)
… and place the same order that two other informaticians ordered in the 1970s.
@ekrub Burke Mamlin

… One orders a drink. The other complains he suffers from UMLS CUI C0001973 and shouldn't order. @danhouseman Dan Houseman

… the bouncer says, “What’s the password.” One says, “Password?” The bouncer lets them in. @Ross Martin Ross Martin

Most Prolific Award
@ekrub Burke Mamlin created 40 different punchlines. (See all entries)

Most Technically Appropriate (Super Geek) Award
(∃x)(∃y)[(Informaticianx & Informaticiany) & x≠y & (z)(Informaticianz →[z=x ∨ z=y]) & walkIn2(x,bar) & walkIn2(y,bar)] @EHRworkflow Charles Webster

Best Collaboration Award
$var: Informatician() $var2: Informatician(this != $var) Bar(occupant == $var, occupant == $var2 )
@techydoc (First author) Steven Waldren
@EHRworkflow (collaborator) Charles Webster

Biggest Groan Award
…barkeep says, "let me guess, you 2 want something GUI" @ITNurseLLC Anita Spanos

“You know you’ve been here long enough …”
… and SCAMC is born. @ekrub Burke Mamlin

“Don’t Quit Your Day Job” Award
… redundantly and walk out fully @ekrub normalized. Two informaticians walk into a bar. We’d use their names, but it’s PHI. @ekrub Burke Mamlin

Trademark Infringement Award
They order Appletinis. It was a Genius Bar. @EHRworkflow Charles Webster

AMIA Spirit Award
…and — ten years later — 10,000 informaticians walk out. @ekrub Burke Mamlin

Top Ten Vote Getter
By one vote because @firas Firas Wehbe figured out the Joke Identifer Hashtag user interface

2 informaticians walk into a bar: here's an ontology representing that process and here's a system for it's automatic capture @firas #AMIA2012_J02


Proceedings for the 2012 Annual Symposium are archived at Access to the proceedings is restricted to meeting attendees and AMIA members. AMIA members also have the added benefit of being able to access proceedings from any meeting, even if the member was unable to attend. Log-in and password required for access.


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• Username and password will be emailed 2-3 weeks after the meeting. Unlimited lifetime access.

Order Online: Bookmark Intelliquest Media
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Credits are available for AMIA 2012. Attendance earns 27.75 credits. Tutorial and Pre-symposia-only attendees earn 3, 6 and/or 9 credits. Click here for instructions. Scroll to the bottom. Disclosures are also available. CME site (MyAMIA) works best with IE 8 or above version and Chrome, Firefox.

Member Loyalty Pins

AMIA 2012 marked the successful launch of the Member Loyalty Recognition Program. This year more than 700 10-year and 20-year Member Loyalty pins were distributed to members. Congratulations! If you missed picking up your pin at AMIA 2012 registration, contact us via, we will check your status and send a pin to the member address we have on record, if applicable.

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