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Mentor Match

“…I’m passionate about making sure that nothing holds them back and that we have an organized and solid pipeline to help our students thrive. The tools and relationships derived from AMIA, I believe, contribute greatly to the stronghold of our careers.” — Shauna Overgaard, MHI, PhD Candidate

Informaticians Helping Informaticians

Mentorship reflects your commitment to your career and to helping others. Find your role model or enjoy the value of being a mentor. Remember, this is a “member-only” benefit.



The Mentor Match search tool is easy to use and helps you identify a match whether you throw a wide net or well-defined net. How It Works

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Understand how each member benefit can help your career, hone your leadership skills, and help you get noticed. Call or email AMIA Member Services at 301-65-1291, ext. 138 or membership@amia.org. We’ll help you navigate engagement and find the perfect mentor or mentee match. 

Take the next step. How It Works 

Mentorship is not only for students

  • What does your career track look like 5 and 10 years in the future? Connect with a mentor in your field.
  • Just started a fellowship? Find an advisor to help you navigate a pathway.
  • Want to switch career tracks and explore a new area? Select a mentor with experience in your target field.
  • Looking for guidance as a woman rising in the ranks? Share your questions and concerns with another woman informatician leader.
  • Struggling in your Primary Investigator role? Zero in on another successful PI’s experience.
  • Making the leap from academia to industry? Discuss the challenges and opportunities with a mentor who has followed the same path.
  • Alone in your workplace as the ONLY informatician? Find a mentor buddy who can advise you on your internal challenges (and actually knows what you are talking about).
  • Battling internal politics with people who don’t know much about informatics? Learn how to get buy-in from someone who has been there, done that.
  • Wondering whether going back to school for more education will help you advance? Talk it out with someone who returned to school after years in the workplace.
  • Trying to move from informatician to an executive role? Explore how to pivot and move from “the data person” to “leadership track”
  • New to informatics and AMIA and need some guidance on where to start? Chat with a 1-5 year member who knows what the new member experience is like.

Take the next step. How It Works

One hour a month to build a priceless relationship.

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