• Academic Forum

    The Academic Forum is a membership unit within AMIA dedicated to serving the needs of biomedical and health informatics training programs.

AMIA Academic Forum Mission and Policies

The mission of the AMIA Academic Forum is to foster the development, growth and improvement of academic units that educate students and conduct research in the discipline of biomedical and health informatics. The Forum provides a vehicle for academic units dedicated to biomedical and health informatics to interact, consider, and act jointly on issues important to them.  This can include collecting data from individual units, recommending best practices related to education, scholarship, faculty development, faculty retention, and advocating within and in collaboration with AMIA for the interests of Forum members. The Forum provides a venue that facilitates collaboration among different academic units to further their objectives for education and research.

The Forum sponsors the Informatics Educators Forum each year and has its own leadership, membership structure and communities of interest. The Forum is governed by a leadership group comprised of an executive committee and representatives of each of its communities and follows the guidelines and policies noted in their governance manual.