Academic Forum Membership

Why become a member of AMIA’s Academic Forum?

Informatics is both a field with a rich history and continuously evolving as an academic discipline. Together, AMIA’s Academic Forum and informatics training programs are blazing a pathway and working together to formulate guidelines and best practices for education and training nationwide. This institutional "members only" forum allows academic leaders and faculty to explore issues related to the organization and management of educational and research programs in universities and colleges. Issues of interest include competencies, certification, accreditation, training program management, promotion criteria, student recruitment, salary studies, and advocacy within academic environments and other related topics. AMIA connects a broad community of professionals and students interested in informatics.

Qualification for Membership

  • An academic unit of an educational organization that is offering a program leading to one or more degrees or certificates in informatics may join as a full member
  • A unit of an organization that offers fellowship or residency training programs in informatics may join as a full member
  • A unit of an organization that provides post-doctoral training as a component of a research program may join as a full member
  • Accreditation bodies, foundations and government agencies that are interested in informatics training may join as affiliate member
  • Units that are building informatics programs are eligible for emerging membership

Categories of Membership and Dues

  • Full Program Member: $4,000 per calendar year
  • Affiliate Member: $4,000 per calendar year
  • Emerging Program Member: $1,500 per calendar year (limit of two years)

Benefits of Forum Membership

  • A place for academic leaders to call their professional home within AMIA biomedical and health informatics training programs
  • Special exhibition rates and Learning Showcase opportunities at the AMIA Annual Symposium*
  • Strategy meeting at the AMIA Annual Symposium
  • Posting in the Informatics Academic & Training Programs directory
  • Posting in the Clinical Informatics Fellowship Program directory
  • A place for educators to connect through Academic Forum Communities
  • Sharing of knowledge and best practices to advance the discipline
  • Communicating as a single voice on important policy matters
  • Networking with colleagues who share similar opportunities and challenges
  • Access to JAMIA Journal Club Webinars for your students

*Academic Forum full and affiliate members receive favorable rates on exhibition at the AMIA Annual Symposium. This does not include emerging program members. Contact AMIA for more information.


Communities provide an organizational framework within the Academic Forum designated representatives and other AMIA individual members to affiliate amongst specialized areas within education, research, training, administration, and practice. Academic Forum member program designated representatives can affiliate with an Academic Forum Community at no additional charge. All individuals associated with the forum (primary reps, secondary reps, and community members) must also be AMIA individual members.


Please contact Michelle Martin, Membership Program Manager at to learn more about becoming a member of the Academic Forum. For more detailed information about each category, please refer to the Academic Forum Governance Manual or download the membership brochure.