2012 Annual Health Policy Invitational Meeting

This event is by invitation only.

Health Data Use, Stewardship and Governance: Ongoing Gaps and Challenges

The goal of AMIA’s 2012 Health Policy Meeting is to further a national understanding of data use, re-use, stewardship and governance that meets challenges posed by technology-enabled sources of health data, and reflects current health informatics evidence and practices. In light of recent studies discussing the reliability of electronic health record (EHR) data as the basis for mandated reports and research, the meeting will develop and advance a data management model that recognizes healthcare data as an organizational, enterprise-wide asset and resource. The meeting will build on the prior work of AMIA, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and others, especially in light of rapid changes being brought about by patient-centered medicine, performance and outcome measurement, and the growing adoption and use of EHRs.

This invitational multi-disciplinary meeting will engage public and private sector participants in focused and thought provoking discussions. Continuing the momentum gained from our prior meetings, we will explore another timely topic and weigh the various factors that impact the formulation of national policy, research and the role of biomedical and health informatics.  AMIA will then prepare a report of the outcome of the meeting.

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