Lead Annual Donors

Supporters of the LEAD Fund Invest in the Future of the Field

AMIA and the LEAD Fund Advisory Committee are proud to present those who made a donation to the LEAD Fund in 2020. Their generosity provided 2 students with registration awards to attend the AMIA 2020 Virtual Annual Symposium.

AMIA lauds the giving spirit behind these donations with a special thanks to recurring donors who remain committed to our mission, those who donated to the LEAD Fund for the first time and those who made anonymous donations. (AMIA recognizes the names of annual donors. If you do not want to be on the list, please let us know). Awardees were honored at the annual Gala. We look forward to watching these students have successful careers and become industry experts and leaders whose contributions will continue to advance the field. Thank you for supporting the LEAD Fund’s initiative, focused on creating a robust and sustainable fundraising program for AMIA that will support important programming that:

  • Promotes diversity in terms of our membership
  • Supports trainee engagement in AMIA events
  • Develops a future generation of AMIA leaders through awards/recognition programs
  • Allows current informatics professionals to "pay it forward" and helps grow the community
  Robert H. Posteraro
Benefactor ($5,000 - $9,999) Wanda M. Pratt
Peter J. Embi Yuri Quintana
Neil Sarkar Marylyn D. Ritchie
  S. Trent Rosenbloom
Partner ($2,500 - $4,999) Christine Schlichting
Eneida A. Mendonca Md Selim
Philip R. O. Payne Edward H. Shortliffe
Roy L. Simpson Anthony Eugene Solomonides
  Howard R. Strasberg
Supporter ($1,250 - $2,499) Umberto Tachinardi
William R. Hersh Jeffery Talbert
Betsy L. Humphreys Victoria L. Tiase
  Anne Turner
Platinum Donor ($750 - $1,249) Jodi Wachs
Andrew S. Kanter Jonathan S. Wald
David P. McCallie Theresa Walunas
William W. Stead Griffin Weber
William M. Tierney Charlene R. Weir
Charlotte A. Weaver Luann Whittenburg
  Adam Wright
Gold Donor ($500 - $749) Po-Yin Yen
Suzanne Bakken Li Zhou
Gilad J. Kuperman  
Genevieve B. Melton-Meaux Red Donor ($50 - $99)
Phillip C. Gioia Jessica S. Ancker
Gretchen Purcell Jackson Mary G. Amato
Nancy M. Lorenzi Irina V. Angel
Nigam Shah Joan S. Ash
Shyam Visweswaran Christopher Boone
Keith F. Woeltje Darin Brannan
  Bruce E. Bray
Silver Donor ($250 - $499) David K. Butler
Douglas S. Bell Jinwook Choi
Jerry L. Cade Donald P. Connelly
Catherine K. Craven Bradley Crotty
Patricia C. Dykes Theresa A. Cullen
Paul Fu, Jr. William Steven Dalton
Kenneth W. Goodman Amar K. Das
Curt Langlotz David A. Dorr
Blackford Middleton Karen Dunkelberger
Thomas H. Payne Laura Fochtmann
Brigitte Seroussi Broderick Franklin
Elaine Steen Mario Alberto Gomez
Jessica Tenenbaum Hope Gray
  Marcelline R. Harris
Bronze Donor ($100 - $249) David Heroin
Greg L. Alexander Denise M. Hynes
Kristine M. Alpi Stephen Igbeka
Eleanor Jane Barone Sarah Ingersoll
Aziz A. Boxwala William Trevor Jamieson
Tiffani J. Bright Josette Jones
Elizabeth S. Chen David Juckett
Guan Yu Chen Michael J. Kamerick
James J. Cimino Julie Karcis
Sarah Collins Rossetti Eric Kirkendall
Michael John Couturie Richard Miller Krebs
Suzanne Cox Casimir A. Kulikowski
Catherine K. Craven Richard W. LaForge
Sue Feldman Elliot M. Levine
Susan H. Fenton Karen Dunn Lopez
Patricia Flatley Brennan John Anthony Mannisi
Valerie Florance Lisa Michelle Masson
Carol Friedman Phung Matthews
Kate Fultz Hollis Robert C. McClure
Rose Glavin Alexa T. McCray
Denise M. Goldsmith Steven L. Meyers
Shaun J. Grannis Karl Edward Misulis
Adi Venkata Gundlapalli Tracy Nolan
Blanca E. Himes Shauna Marie Overgaard
Teruyoshi Hishiki Rema Padman
John H. Holmes Josh F. Peterson
Susan Carrie Hull James D. Ralston
Charles Jaffe James Ritter
Kevin B. Johnson Pesha Rubinstein
Michael J. Kamerick Renato Marcos Endrizzi Sabbatini
Ramakanth Kavuluru Charles Safran
Ross Koppel John S. Scott
Gunes Koru Catherine J. Staes
Fabricio Kury Amar Subramanian
Albert M. Lai Katherine A. Sward
Michael G. Leu Umit Topaloglu
Zachary Chen Liao Betsy Weiner
Hongfang Liu Ken L. Wiley, Jr
Yuan Luo Tamara J. Winden
Subha Madhavan Vibart Reginald Yaw
Kenneth D. Mandl Feliciano Yu
Vinai Modem Trevor Yuen
Jason H. Moore  
Frank Naeymi-Rad THANK YOU
Judy G. Ozbolt  
Vimla L. Patel