• March 27 - 30, 2017, San Francisco

    2017 Joint Summits

2017 Joint Summits Posters

Poster Session 1

Tuesday, March 28
5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Poster Session 2

Wednesday, March 29
5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

SCCS for Detection of Differences in Brand and Generic Adverse Drug Events 
J. Badger, E. LaRose, Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation; R. Kleiman, University of Wisconsin Madison; R. Berg, J. Linneman, P. Peissig, Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation; R. Hansen, Auburn University/Harrison School of Pharmacy; D. Page, University of Wisconsin Madison

Profiles Research Networking Software: Recent Updates and Future Plans 
N. Brown, G. Weber, Harvard Medical School 

Towards Automatic Detection of Surgical Site Infections 
B. Bucher, D. Mowery, M. Castine, W. Chapman, University of Utah School of Medicine 

Standardizing Clinical Diagnoses: Impact of Alternate Terminology Selection 
E. Burrows, C. Bailey, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 

Evolving Pharmacogenomics Test Results and the Burden on Clinical Decision Support Integrated in the Electronic Health Record 
P. Caraballo, J. St. Sauver, D. Cronk, J. Olson, J. Black, S. Bielinski, Mayo Clinic 

Classifying Sentiment of Free-text Comments in Patient Satisfaction Surveys 
E. Cary, University of Washington; A. Secrest, C. Daniels, University of Utah; W. Chapman, D. Mowery, University of Utah/George E Wahlen Veteran Affairs Medical Center; M. Conway, University of Utah

Applying Computed Phenotypes Derived from Electronic Health Records in the Partners HealthCare Biobank Using i2b2 
V. Castro, N. Wattanasin, V. Gainer, B. Ghosh, Partners Healthcare; S. Murphy, Partners Healthcare 

Ethnic and Gender Disparity in Organ Transplant Clinical Trials and Electronic Health Records 
J. Chen, S. Bhattacharya, M. Sirota, M. Sarwal, A. Butte, University of California, San Francisco

High-dimensional Drug Interaction Screening and Validation Using Health Record Databases and Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetics Models 
C. Chiang, P. Zhang, X. Wang, D. Zeruesenay, S. Quinney, L. Li, Indiana University 

Assigning Phenotype Ontologies to Human Disease Variants 
A. Cirincione, K. Clark, M. Kann, University of Maryland, Baltimore County 

Ethnicity-specific Pharmacogenomic Clinical Decision Support in the Genomic Prescribing System 
K. Danahey, W. Hernandez, S. Volchenboum, M. Ratain, University of Chicago; M. Perera, Northwestern University; P. O'Donnell, University of Chicago 

Dashboard for Technology Evaluation and Quality Testing Using Interactive Visualization (DTEQTIV) for Federated Clinical Data Networks 
P. Dessai, R. Siburian, F. Sanz–Vidorreta, R. Follett, N. Chau, D. Bell, UCLA 

Indication Discovery for Early Research Projects in a Pharmaceutical Company 
F. Dullweber, H. Klein, E. Stupka, Boehringer Ingelheim

Consumer Wearable Devices for Health Surveillance and Disease Monitoring 
J. Dunn, X. Li, D. Salins, M. Snyder, Stanford University 

Mobile Data Collection Tool to Document Adverse Events in a Dental Practice 
J. Finkelstein, S. Erde, J. Errante, Columbia University

Finding Healthy Patients from Electronic Health Records for Research Control Subjects 
K. Fultz Hollis, Oregon Health & Sciences University; T. Burdick, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth/Oregon Health & Sciences University; M. Samuels, P. Beninato, Oregon Health & Sciences University 

Phenotyping Youth Depression for Research Recruitment Using Free Text From Electronic Medical Record 
J. Geraci, P. Wilansky, V. de Luca, A. Roy, J. Kennedy, J. Strauss, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health 

Using Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) Common Data Model Implementation to Develop Clinical Research Data Delivery Infrastructure 
O. Gologorskaya, R. Hink, H. Bijli, N. Lee, V. Rayanker, L. Yuan, M. Park, D. Huang, University of California, San Francisco

Characterizing the Language of Functioning: A Corpus Analysis Illustrating How Human Function is Described in Clinical Text 
D. Griffis, National Institutes of Health Clinical Center/The Ohio State University; T. Thieu, C. Zhou, D. Brandt, J. Camacho Maldonado, J. Porcino, National Institutes of Health Clinical Center; A. Lai, Washington University/The Ohio State University; L. Chan, National Institutes of Health Clinical Center 

Interleave: An Application for Managing Registry Data Repositories Based on the OMOP/OHDSI Common Data Model (CDM) 
M. Gurley, Northwestern University/Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University; Y. Bushmanova, Northwestern University; A. Brooke Rosten, F. Wehbe, Northwestern University, Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University 

Exploratory Work on Using 3D Protein Structure Prediction for Variant Annotation 
R. Hernandez, University of Utah; J. Marett, University of Utah School of Medicine; M. Stritzinger, University of California Santa Barbara; J. Facelli, University of Utah 

Shiny FHIR: Empowering Standards-based, Interoperable Clinical Data Applications Using R 
N. Hong, N. Prodduturi, C. Wang, G. Jiang, Mayo Clinic

Detection and Functional Classification of Fusion Genes Using Pathway Expression Profiles 
T. Hood, L. Wang, N. Abernethy, University of Washington 

Feasibility of Using Multi-site Electronic Health Record Laboratory Data to Assess Population-level Quality Measures of Diabetes Care in Chicago 
K. Jackson, E. Oh, K. Balsley, M. Rosenman, A. Kho, T. Walunas, Northwestern University 

Barriers and Enablers of Use of a Cardiovascular Health Application in Cancer Survivorship Care 
M. Kelley, R. Foraker, The Ohio State University; E. Lin, The Ohio State University, College of Medicine; M. Kulkarni, M. Lustberg, The Ohio State University; K. Weaver, Wake Forest University 

How Well Do Existing Ontologies Represent Exposome Literature? 
P. Kiossoglou, A. Borda, K. Gray, The University of Melbourne; F. Martin–Sanchez, Weill Cornell Medicine/The University of Melbourne; K. Verspoor, G. Lopez Campos, The University of Melbourne 

Needs-driven Data Completeness Dashboard in a Multi-site Research Network 
J. Klann, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School/Partners Healthcare System; V. Raghavan, Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School; S. Weiler, Harvard Medical School; K. Mandl, Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School; S. Murphy, Partners Healthcare System/Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School 

 The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Informatics Technology for Cancer Research Program (ITCR) 
J. Klemm, M. Heiskanen, J. Li, D. Miller, C. Patriotis, G. Redmond, M. Ossandon, J. Capala, L. Mechanic, Y. Zhang, R. Divi, T. Dickherber, W. Kibbe, National Cancer Institute 

Machine Learning and Statistical Techniques to Predict Sepsis: Unifying Previous Work 
J. Klobusicky, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; A. Murph, Bucknell University; A. Robinson, N. Ryan, Bucknell University; N. Bastian, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; P. Griffin, Georgia Institute of Technology; S. Kethireddy, Geisinger Health System

Almost Zero Error Basepair-based Record Alert (AZEBRA) – A Genomic Clinical Decision Support Tool 
A. Kulanthaivel, M. Kshirsagar, M. Alarifi, M. Oklak, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis 

Sensitivity Analyses around Missing Data for a Computational Clinical Study on Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation 
F. Kury, National Library of Medicine; S. Joshi, University of San Francisco; J. Cimino, University of Alabama at Birmingham 

Entity Matching Using Magellan: Matching Drug Reference Tables 
E. LaRose, J. Badger, Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation; P. Konda, University of Wisconsin; A. Doan, P. Peissig, Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation

Understanding the Role of Technology for Screening Participants in Clinical Studies 
E. Lin, The Ohio State University; S. Johnson, Weill Cornell Medicine; C. Shivade, IBM Research; P. Embi, A. Lai, The Ohio State University/Washington University 

Indication Prediction for Small Molecules with Pathway-based Visualization 
H. Luo, J. Verma, J. Hu, P. Zhang, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center 

Crowdsourcing to Create Structured Data Sets for Quality Improvement 
K. Marshall, A. Brown, J. Prichard, M. Wilkerson, Geisinger Health System 

Extraction of Drug-drug Interactions from Drug Product Labeling Tables 
N. Milosevic, University of Manchester; A. Gupta, A. Chen, S. DeMarco, J. Le, J. Schneider, Y. Ning, University of Pittsburgh; G. Nenadic, University of Manchester; R. Boyce, University of Pittsburgh 

Developing and Assessing the Complexity of a Knowledge Base for Extracting Indications from Carotid Ultrasounds for the Veterans Health Administration 
D. Mowery, George E Wahlen Veteran Affairs Medical Center/University of Utah; M. Castine, University of Utah; E. Madden, S. Keyhani, San Francisco Veteran Affairs Medical Center; W. Chapman, George E Wahlen Veteran Affairs Medical Center/University of Utah 

Developing a Smoker’s Registry through NLP-based Smoking History Ascertainment: The Tobacco User Registry & Network (TURN) 
E. Nutter, P. Eads, J. Sargent, J. S. Hassanpour, T. Onega, Dartmouth College 

HUeMR: Towards Intuitive Mining of Electronic Medical Records 
A. Otolorin, N. Osafo, W. Southerland, Howard University 

i2b2 on OMOP CDM 
L. Phillips, C. Herrick, Partners Healthcare; S. Murphy, Massachusetts General Hospital/Partners Healthcare 

Exchange of De-identified Clinical Data that Includes Neighborhood Characteristics 
C. Pulgarin, M. Cantor, S. Yi, Z. Liberman, R. Chandras, NYULMC 

MACE2K: Molecular and Clinical Extraction to Knowledge, a Tool for Precision Medicine 
S. Rao, Georgetown University; A. Mahmood, K. Shanker, University of Delaware; V. Sharma, S. Boca, S. Madhavan, K. Ross, P. McGarvey, R. Beckman, Georgetown University; C. Wu, University of Delaware

Managing Science Query Traffic in a Large Pediatric Data Research Network 
H. Razzaghi, R. Khare, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia; L. Utidjian, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia/Perelman School of Medicine; R. Teneralli, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia; C. Bailey, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia/Perelman School of Medicine 

Retrospective Analysis of EHR and Administrative Data for Drug Repurposing Hypothesis Evaluation in Melanoma 
K. Regan, J. Kil, D. Ban, G. Gascon, The Ohio State University; P. Payne, Washington University 

Community Detection to Identify Care Pathways of Hip Fracture Surgeries 
A. Ritko, Kaiser Permanente 

The Virtue of Venn Diagrams in Visualizing Shared Data: Characterization of a New Citywide Data Repository, HealthLNK 
M. Rosenman, E. Oh, M. Madden, K. Jackson, J. Behrens, I. Chung, S. Goel, A. Kho, Northwestern University 

Toward Shareable Individualized Drug Interaction Alerts
S. Rosko, University of Pittsburgh; P. Hansten, J. Horn, University of Washington; D. Malone, A. Romero, University of Arizona; R. Boyce, University of Pittsburgh 

Identifying Predictors of Influenza Vaccine Response 
S. Schaffert, P. Khatri, Stanford University 

Disease Connections at RGD 
M. Shimoyama, S. Laulederkind, J. De Pons, M. Tutaj, V. Petri, G. Hayman, S. Wang, J. Smith, J. Thota, O. Ghiasvand, M. Tutaj, M. Dwinell, Medical College of Wisconsin 
A Flexible Bayesian Nonparametric Model for Preference-based Clustering: Toward a Netflix-like Collaborative Filtering Algorithm to Improve Healthcare Decisions 
A. Shoaibi, B. Neelon, L. Lenert, Medical University of South Carolina 

The Pediatric Research Database, a Robust Data Mart and Cohort Discovery Tool to Strengthen Research Hypotheses and Facilitate Feasibility Assessment 
E. Smith, R. Mudunuri, O. Ajayi, Le Bonheur Children's Hopital; V. Nagisetty, T. Viangteeravat, University of Tennessee Health Science Center; E. Huang, Le Bonheur Children's Hospital/University of Tennessee Health Science Center 

Automatic Extraction of Social Determinants of Health from Veterans Affairs Clinical Documents Using Natural Language Processing 
B. South, University of Utah/VA Salt Lake City Health Care System; L. Christensen, University of Utah; D. Mowery, University of Utah/VA Salt Lake City Health Care System; M. Castine, University of Utah; M. Vali, San Francisco VA Medical Center; M. Carter, VA Salt Lake City Health Care System; M. Conway, University of Utah; A. Gundlapalli, W. Chapman, University of Utah/VA Salt Lake City Health Care System; S. Keyhani, San Francisco VA Medical Center, University of California, San Francisco

Procedures to Ensure Baseline Data Quality for a SHRINE Network 
P. Trevvett, I. Johri, B. Bahl, Harvard Medical School 

Translational Time Pattern Search in Transcriptomic Profiling 
G. Tusch, S. Eslamian, Grand Valley State University 

Identification of Disease Associations with Rare Loss of Function Variants from 50,000 Exome in Geisinger Health System 
A. Verma, Geisinger Health System/Pennsylvania State University; M. Williams, D. Carey, D. Ledbetter, S. Pendergrass, Geisinger Health System; M. Ritchie, Geisinger Health System/Pennsylvania State University 

Use of Longitudinal Data from an Electronic Health Record to Identify Genetic Associations Among Patients with Varying Variability in Comprehensive Metabolic and Complete Blood Count Panels: A Geisinger Health System MyCode Study 
S. Verma, A. Lucas, J. Leader, C. Bauer, R. Metpally , S. Krishnamurthy, Geisinger Health System; F. Dewey , A. Lopez, J. Overton, J. Penn, J. Reid , Regeneron Genetics Center; S. Pendergrass, G. Breitwieser, M. Ritchie, Geisinger Health System 

Protecting Patient Identity in SHRINE Without Lockout 
D. Walend, B. Carmen, M. Ciriello, I. Johri, W. Simons, B. Bahl, Harvard Medical School 

High-coverage Whole-genome Sequencing Reveals Rare Somatic Copy Number Variations in Non-coding Region in Autism Spectrum Disorders 
J. Wang, Harvard Medical School

Discovering Adverse Drug Events Associated with Conventional DMARDs and Biologics for Rheumatoid Arthritis Based on Spontaneous Reports and Electronic Medical Records 
L. Wang, M. Rastegar-Mojarad, S. Liu, Mayo Clinic; H. Zhang, Chinese Pharmaceutical Association; H. Liu, Mayo Clinic 

A Mixture Dose Response Model for the High Dimensional Drug Combinatory Effect on Myopathy 
X. Wang, Harbin Engineering University; P. Zhang, Indiana University; M. Li, Harbin Engineering University; C. Chiang, H. Wu, Indiana University; L. Wang, W. Feng, Harbin Engineering University; S. Quinney, L. Shen, L. Li, Indiana University 

Content Analysis of Free-text Family History 
Y. Wang, L. Wang, M. Rastegar–Mojarad, S. Liu, F. Shen, H. Liu, Mayo Clinic 

A Method for Using Electronic Health Record Data to Predict Admission Risk 
B. Wells, K. Lenoir, K. Kuykendall, A. Dharod, Wake Forest School of Medicine 

Classifiers for Identifying the Medical Specialty of Clinical Documents 
W. Weng, Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital; K. Wagholikar, H. Chueh, Massachusetts General Hospital 

Can Classification of Publications into Translational Categories be Automated? 
S. Wiegreffe, P. Anderson, College of Charleston; J. Obeid, Medical University of South Carolina 

Translational Drug Interaction Evidence Gap Discovery Using Text Mining 
H. Wu, S. Zhang, L. Rocha, H. Shatkay, University of Delaware; D. Zeruesenay, S. Quinney, L. Li, Indiana University 

Collection of Patient Provided Information through a Mobile Device Application for Use in Medical Product Safety Surveillance 
Z. Wyner, J. Reynolds, C. Herzig-Marx, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Institute; S. Deval, Boston Technology Corporation; A. Rauch, LabKey Software; J. Brown, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Institute; D. Martin, Food and Drug Administration

Adverse Drug Reaction Prediction with Symbolic Latent Dirichlet Allocation 
C. Xiao, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center/University of Washington; P. Zhang, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center; A. Chaowalitwongse, University of Washington; J. Hu, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center; F. Wang, Cornell University/IBM T.J. Watson Research Center 

 Automatic Identification of Substance Abuse Events from Clinical Text 
M. Yetisgen, University of Washington; L. Vanderwende, Microsoft Research 

Developing Electronic Health Record Pain Phenotypes for Quality Metrics 
W. Yim, K. Desai, Stanford University; S. Asch, Stanford University/Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Healthcare System; I. Carroll, C. Curtin, K. McDonald, N. Shah, T. Hernandez-Boussard, Stanford University 

Automatic Liver Cancer Stage Prediction From Free-text Clinical Notes 
W. Yim, S. Kwan, M. Yetisgen, University of Washington 

The Pharmacogenomics Research and Implementation DatabasE (PRIDE) 
P. Yukman, K. Danahey, B. Borden, S. Volchenboum, M. Ratain, P. O'Donnell, University of Chicago 

An Efficient Service Model for Providing High-quality, Regulatory-compliant Research Access to Electronic Health Record Data 
M. Zachariah, R. Wan, A. Do, R. Follett, T. Tacorda, F. Sanz-Vidorreta, C. Hampp, D. Bell, UCLA 

The 10,000 Immunomes Project: a Data Resource of Healthy Normal Subjects in ImmPort 
K. Zalocusky, M. Kan, S. Bhattacharya, A. Butte, UCSF 

A Three-component Mixture Model Based Adverse Drug Event Signal Detection for the Adverse Event Reporting System 
P. Zhang, Indiana University; M. Li, Harbin Engineering University; C. Chiang, Indiana University; L. Wang, Harbin Engineering University; Y. Xiang, The Ohio State University; L. Cheng, Indiana University; W. Feng, Harbin Engineering University; T. Schleyer, S. Quinney, H. Wu, Indiana University; D. Zeng, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; L. Li, Indiana University 

 Locally Generated Bayesian Network Prediction of Colorectal Surgical Site Infections 
Y. Zhou, D. Larson, E. Habermann, J. Naessens, H. Liu, S. Sohn, Mayo Clinic