• March 23-27, San Francisco

    2015 Joint Summits on Translational Science

2015 TBI Posters

Posters are listed in alphabetical order by first author.
(not eligible for CME/CE)

Tuesday, March 24 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Rule-based Extraction of Lung Cancer Stages from Free-text Clinical Notes
R. Aldrich, E. Silgard, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Pharmacomicrobiomics of Irritable Bowel Disease
T. Altman, Stanford University; D. Relman, Stanford University/VA Palo Alto Health Care System; D. Dill, Stanford University

Widespread Parainflammation in Human Cancer
D. Aran, Stanford University/The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; A. Lasry, A. Zinger, M. Biton, E. Pikarsky, Y. Ben-Neriah, A. Hellman, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Differential Hypermethylation of the Pseudogene MCTS2P in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)
G. Arthur, M. Almamun, B. Levinson, K. Taylor, University of Missouri School of Medicine

G-DOC Plus: The Next-generation Systems Medicine Platform for Precision Medicine
K. Bhuvaneshwar, A. Belouali, V. Singh, R. Johnson, L. Song, S. Rao, A. Alaoui, M. Harris, Y. Gusev, S. Madhavan, Georgetown University

Using Electronic Health Records to Uncover Disease-birth Month Dependencies
M. Boland, Z. Shahn, D. Madigan, G. Hripcsak, N. Tatonetti, Columbia University

Identifying the Impact of Genomic Variation on Glycemic Response to Metformin Using EHR-linked Biorepository Data
M. Breitenstein, University of Minnesota/Mayo Clinic; E. Ryu, L. Wang, S. Armasu, R. Weinshilboum, Mayo Clinic; G. Simon, University of Minnesota; J. Pathak, Mayo Clinic

Connecting Chemical Structure to Cellular Response: An Integrative Analysis of Gene Expression, Bioactivity, and Structural Data Across 11000 Compounds
B. Chen, P. Greenside, H. Paik, M. Sirota,; A. Butte, Stanford University

FHIR-based Web Services for Computational Phenotyping from Electronic Health Records
R. Chen, J. Sun, Georgia Institute of Technology

SysBioCube Tools for Integration of Omics and Phenotype Datasets
S. Chowbina, R. Kumar, Frederick National Lab for Cancer Research; R. Hammamieh, M. Jett, US Army Center for Environmental Health Research; U. Mudunuri, Frederick National Lab for Cancer Research

Functional Characterization of Disease-associated Genes in Autism Spectrum Disorders Using Intelligent Literature Extraction
M. David, A. Ozturk, V. Sochat, J. Jung, D. Wall, Stanford University

Planning Clinically Relevant Biomarker Validation Studies Using the "Number Needed to Treat" Concept
R. Day, University of Pittsburgh

Spike in Interdisciplinary Research Helps Decode Autism’s Complexity
M. Duda, M. David, J. Jung, D. Wall, Stanford University

Immune Modulators in Diagnostics and Therapeutics: An Integrated Knowledge Approach
N. Geifman, S. Bhattacharya, A. Butte, Stanford University

Identification of Causal Cascades and Unobserved Intermediate Structure in Input/Output Systems
C. Glymour, Carnegie Mellon University

Ranking Adverse Drug Reactions with Crowdsourcing
A. Gottlieb, Stanford University; R. Hoehndorf, Aberystwyth University; M. Dumontier, R. Altman, Stanford University

Connecting the Signatures: Associations between Small Molecules and microRNA in Malignant Melanoma
A. Jha, K. Regan, P. Payne, Ohio State University

Systematic Integrative Analysis of Immune Pharmacology
B. Kidd, A. Wroblewska, Mount Sinai; M. Boland, Columbia University; J. Agudo, M. Merad, Mount Sinai; N. Tatonetti, Columbia University; B. Brown, J. Dudley, Mount Sinai

IMPortal Web Portal to Facilitate Clinical Decision Support
R. Komandur Elayavilli, M. Rastegar-Mojarad, S. Mehrabi, K. Wagholikar, H. Liu, Mayo Clinic 

A Metadata Framework for CLL Tissue Management Systems
C. Kothari, T. Motiwala, A. Peabody, M. Kelley, P. Payne, The Ohio State University

QWRAP: A Comprehensive Microbiome Analysis Workflow
R. Kumar, T. Ptacek, C. Morrow, E. Lefkowitz, University of Alabama at Birmingham

The Impact of Reference for Proportion Prediction of Tumor Samples Using DNA Methylation Deconvolution
H. Li, City of Hope

Comparing 90-day and 180-day Hospitalization Risk Models
A. Misra, A. Heekin, C. Kaskiris, J. Sairamesh, Advisory Board Company

Iterative Interactive Enrichment (IIE) of Natural Language Processing (NLP) of Patient Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Shared Across Institutions
J. Niland, R. Ottesen, City of Hope; I. Kunz, Huntsman Cancer Institute; J. Nikowitz, W. Zhu, L. Goldstein, City of Hope; T. Courdy, Huntsman Cancer Institute; M. Chang, A. Shah, City of Hope; S. Courdy, Huntsman Cancer Institute

Motif-based Network Generation Towards Drug Repositioning – An Experimental Study for Diabetes
I. Odebode, A. Gangopadhyay, Q. Zhu, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Integrated Database and Knowledge Database for Genomic Prospective Cohort Study in Tohoku Medical Megabank
S. Ogishima, K. Shimokawa, T. Takai-Igarashi, S. Nagaie, H. Tanaka, J. Nakaya, Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization/Tohoku University

Multi-dimensional Nosology of Drugs to Prioritize Novel Drug Uses
H. Paik, A. Butte, Stanford University

Assessment of the Development and Delivery of Genomic Medicine Information Resources
L. Rasmussen, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine; C. Overby, University of Maryland School of Medicine/Geisinger Health System; J. Connolly, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; C. Chute, Mayo Clinic; J. Denny, Vanderbilt University; R. Freimuth, Mayo Clinic; A. Hartzler, Group Health Research Institute; R. Hedberg, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine; I. Holm, S. Manzi, Boston Children’s Hospital; J. Pathak, Mayo Clinic; P. Peissig, Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation; B. Shirts, University of Washington; M. Smith, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine; E. Stoffel, University of Michigan; P. Tarczy-Hornoch, University of Washington; M. Williams, Geisinger Health System; W. Wolf, Boston Children’s Hospital; J. Starren, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Gene Expression-based “Connectivity Mapping” Algorithms Identify Novel Synergistic, Anti-resistance Drug Combinations for use in Malignant Melanoma
K. Regan, A. Mysiw, P. Payne, The Ohio State University

Extracting a Concept Hierarchy from UMLS to Support Hierarchical Expansion in Database Search
A. Richardson, E. Fireman, H. Kim, University of California San Diego

Sex-specific Patterns And Differences in Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease Using Informatics Approaches
J. Ronquillo, M. Baer, Geronimo Ronquillo LLC; W. Lester, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Rapid integration of Cancer Genomics Data Using Hadoop and Cloudera's Impala
S. Saisanit, Z. Albertyn, X. Yang, P. Udupa, Roche Innovation Center New York

REACH NC Resource Finder: A Multi-institutional Portal of University Resources to Increase Cross-disciplinary Collaboration
S. Sankaran, H. Yi, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; M. Ciriello, M. Cherry, Harvard University; C. Barker, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; B. Bahl, Harvard University

A Scalable Computing Platform for Human Genomics
N. Sefcovic, A. Clark, C. Gardner, F. Totten, A. Chawla, P. Oberoi, S. Sridhar, A. Huda, P. Hodor, Booz Allen Hamilton

Combined Mapping of Multiple clUsteriNg ALgorithms (COMMUNAL): A Robust Method for Selection of Cluster Number K
T. Sweeney, A. Chen, O. Gevaert, Stanford University

Can Automotive Big Data Analytics be Applied for Intensive Care of Neonates? The Issue of Time
S. Tan, K. Unnikrishnan, NorthShore University HealthSystem

Improving Lupus Phenotyping Using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning
C. Turner, P. Anderson, College of Charleston; J. Oates, D. Kamen, J. Obeid, Medical University of South Carolina

Challenges of Cross-platform Searches in Time Series Microarray Data
G. Tusch, O. Tole, M. Hoinski, Grand Valley State University

DRUGSDB: Annotating Medicines, Diseases and Targets
O. Ursu, T. Oprea, University of New Mexico School of Medicine

Development of a Power Analysis Tool for Biomarker Discovery Studies
G. Wallstrom, M. Winerip, M. Fiacco, J. LaBaer, Arizona State University

New Metric for Evaluating Protein-protein Interaction Prediction
H. Wang, M. Ganapathiraju, Carnegie Mellon University

A Novel Algorithm for Automated Data Extraction from Free Text Pathology Reports in Patients Undergoing Adrenal Surgery
Q. Xiang, J. Rabaglia, UT Southwestern Medical Center