• March 23-27, San Francisco

    2015 Joint Summits on Translational Science

2015 Joint Summits Preparing Your Poster Presentation

Poster presenters can set-up their posters by 12 noon on the day of their presentation. All poster presenters must staff their posters from 4:45 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. during the official poster session time. Poster presenters must check the program, after arriving onsite, to verify their poster board number, which will be listed next to the title of the presentation. Posters not in their assigned space will be removed. Posters must be removed at 6:00 p.m., following each poster session. Posters not removed will be discarded. No tables are provided in the poster area to provide extra space for the flow of traffic.

  • Posters are placed on boards that are 4 feet high by 8 feet wide. Push-pins will be provided onsite.
  • Use your poster to stimulate discussion, not to give a long presentation. You should make sure that every item on the poster is needed. Crowded, cluttered posters are hard to read and may be disregarded in favor of more eye-pleasing posters;
  • Emphasize graphics (charts, graphs, and photographs);
  • Include the title of the presentation in large letters, the name of the institution or organization where the work was completed, and the names of the authors centered at the top of the poster
  • Include both "Introduction" and "Summary of Conclusions" sections;
  • Ensure that the poster can be read easily from a distance of at least four feet. Type sizes between 24 to 32 points are best. Do not use ordinary typewritten copy or hand-written copy.
  • Use blank space to highlight or offset information. Place related material (e.g. photos and accompanying text) close together and offset it with blank space;
  • When choosing a background for specific slides, remember that neutral or grayish colors are easier on the eyes than bright colors. A dark background will make a dark photo seem bright, and vice-versa;
  • Space your information proportionally. For example, divide your poster either horizontally or vertically into three or four sections, and place your materials within those areas;
  • To transport your poster to the meeting, use a mailing tube or portfolio case. DO NOT MAIL your poster to the AMIA office or to the meeting site as there will not be anyone to accept your presentation at those locations. If necessary, you may overnight your poster to yourself at the hotel. Be sure to list your arrival date and note that you are an arriving guest