2015 Joint Summits: CRI Evaluation Links

Below are the links to evaluate each session of the 2015 Joint Summits. If you evaluated each session using the QR code in the program book, thank you. You do not need to evaluate the same session again using these hyperlinks. Nurses seeking CE credit for this activity must evaluate each session. It is optional for other attendees.


CRI01: Student Paper Competition, Part 1 – Text Mining for Clinical Research

CRI02: Papers/Podium Presentations - Phenotyping

CRI03: Didactic Panel - OHDSI - An Open Collaborative Approach for Rapid Evidence Generation

TBI21: Didactic Panel - Challenges of Implementing Genomic Decision Support in the Real World Experience from the eMERGE and CSER Networks

TBI22: Papers/Podium Presentations - Data Querying and Quantification

CRI04: Student Paper Competition, Part 2 – Health Data Analytics for Clinical Research

CRI05: Papers/Podium Presentations - Personalized Predictive Modeling

CRI06: Design Challenge - Structuring Clinical Research Eligibility Criteria

TBI23: Papers/Podium Presentations - NGS and Gene Analysis Methods

TBI24: Papers/Podium Presentations - Natural Language Processing Methods


CRI10: Peer-based Learning Workshop - Visualizing Business Analytics and HIT for PCORI

CRI07: Didactic Panel - Clinical Trials results Data Sharing: The Time is Now

CRI08: Papers - Modeling Clinical Data to Support Clinical Research

CRI09: Podium Presentations - Data Sharing and Research Collaboration

CRI11: Papers/Podium Presentations - Secure Processing of PHI

CRI12: Didactic Panel - PCRORnet CDRN Data Quality Challenges and Solution

CRI13: Podium Presentations - Data Integration and Information Fusion

CRI14: Podium Presentations - Standards

CRI15: Papers - Text Mining

CRI16: Papers/Podium Presentations - Data Abstraction and Text Mining

CRI17: Interactive Panel - Where is the Science in Big Data Visual Analytics? From Pretty Pictures to Transformative Biomedical Discoveries

CRI18: Papers/Podium Presentations - Data Integration, Exploration and Mining

CRI19: Papers/Podium Presentations - Semantic Interoperability

CRI20: Papers/Podium Presentations - User Needs and Consenting Methods and Considerations

CRI21: Papers/Podium Presentations - Workflow Architecture

CRI22: Papers/Podium Presentations- Temporal Data Analytics

CRI23: Papers/Podium Presentations - Adverse Outcomes

CRI24: Podium Presentations - Collective Knowledge Mining

CRI25: Papers/Podium Presentations - Real-time Decision Support

CRI26: Peer-based Learning Workshop - IRBShare and Honest Broker

FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2015

CRI27: Interactive Panel - How Many Information Models Does It Take to Weave a Nationwide Clinical Date Research Network?

CRI28: Papers/Podium Presentations - Disease Detection, Diagnosis, and Monitoring: State of the Art

CRI29: Papers/Podium Presentations - Buttons

CRI30: Papers/Podium Presentations - Ontology-based Semantic Methods

CRI31: Peer-based Learning Workshop - Everything about Scientific Profiles: Resource Sharing and Networking