• March 23-27, San Francisco

    2015 Joint Summits on Translational Science

2015 Joint Summits CME Information


Translational bioinformatics and clinical research informatics and are the informatics domains that support translational research in the context of human health and disease, and touch nearly all areas of biological, biomedical, and clinical research. Translational bioinformatics includes innovative methods and discoveries applied to biologic data, with special focus on human application, including personalized medicine. Clinical research informatics focuses on innovations related to the management of information related to clinical trials and includes informatics related to secondary research use of clinical data. Each year the landscapes of translational bioinformatics and clinical research informatics experience significant growth and rapid change. The Joint Summits provide a venue for scientists and professionals to learn about the latest developments in research informatics from academia, industry and government and to consider new collaborations that may contribute to future advances in the fields.


The target audience for this live activity includes:

  • Clinical and translational investigators with an interest in biomedical informatics as it applies to clinical and translational research
  • Sponsors and managers of research institutions and programs
  • Bioinformaticians, statistical geneticists, and molecular biologists with interests in informatics applied to clinical research (i.e., research on human subjects or material/data of human origin)
  • Biomedical and health informatics researchers, faculty, and students
  • Community health advocates and those working to advance community-based research
  • Computer scientists and system developers
  • Computational biologists with interests in human disease
  • Government officials and policy makers concerned with health, healthcare, and biomedical and translational research
  • Health information and knowledge management professionals
  • Health IT industry professionals and consultants
  • Industry representatives related to clinical research and translational research
  • Staff members and researchers implementing the informatics components of Clinical and  Translational Science Awards (CTSA)
  • Standards developers
  • Designers and developers of EHRs
  • Developers and sponsors of patient registries


After participating in this live activity, the learner should be better able to:

  • Describe state-of-the-art informatics approaches, theories, and methods relevant to clinical and translational science
  • Apply the latest findings from research and development of informatics applications to support clinical and translational biomedical research
  • Consider possible frameworks for assessing and deploying clinical research informatics initiatives
  • Interact with professionals engaged in clinical and translational science, including clinical and translational investigators, computational biologists, genomics researchers, statistical geneticists, clinical informaticians, public health informaticians, and those involved with clinical and research IT policy and regulatory issues
  • Explore research-related issues emerging from national and international clinical and translational research informatics initiatives


The American Medical Informatics Association is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.


The American Medical Informatics Association designates this live activity for a maximum of 28.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.


Completion of this live activity is demonstrated by attendance at accredited sessions, completion of the evaluation survey sent post-activity in a separate email, and verification of attendance through the participant’s electronic report of sessions attended through the individual login at www.amia.org. The physician participant will be able to generate a CME certificate through the AMIA automated system.


This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the Maryland Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Activity Approval Code: A14-86-323-312
Approved Contact Hours: 28.5

Deadline for claiming credit for this activity: April 27, 2015

Nurse Planner (content) for this activity: Vivian West, PhD, MBA, RN, Associate Director, Operations; Duke Center for Health Informatics, DCRI; Durham, NC

Nurse Planner (ANCC-criteria compliance): Patricia C. Dykes, DNSc, RN, FACMI, Sr. Nurse Scientist; Program Director, Center for Patient Safety Research and Practice; Program Director, Center for Nursing Excellence; Brigham & Women's Hospital; Boston, MA

Vivian West and Patricia Dykes have disclosed that neither they nor their life partners have relevant financial relationships with ACCME-defined commercial interests.


  • Registration and attendance at the live activity, and
  • Completion of each CE evaluation survey accessed via QR code in the program book (or at amia.org/jointsummits2015/TBI-evaluation if you do not have a QR reader), and
  • Completion of the comprehensive evaluation via QR code or the email you receive immediately after the live activity, and
  • Attestation of attendance through your account at www.amia.org

After submitting sessions attended via login account at www.amia.org, the nurse attendee will receive a CE certificate by email in about 2 weeks post-submission.


No commercial support was received for this activity.


Faculty and their affiliations are noted for each presentation.


CME site (MyAMIA) works best with IE 8 or above version, Chrome, and Firefox.

  • Login to your AMIA account on the AMIA.org website
  • Go to “My Profile”
  • Click “Invoices & Transactions” tab
  • Scroll down to Events section and click ‘Credits’ next to 2015 Joint Summits to apply for CME.
  • Physicians: Click on the AMIA Activities tab; click “download” under the ‘”My CME” section; you may print out your certificate
  • Nurses: you will receive your CE certificate by email after a delay of ~2 weeks
  • Other attendees: if you require a certificate of participation, please contact pesha@amia.org


For questions about registration, contact wanda@amia.org.
For questions about continuing education, contact Pesha@amia.org.


As a provider accredited by the ACCME, AMIA requires that everyone who is in a position to control the content of an educational activity disclose all relevant financial relationships with any commercial interest for 12 months prior to the educational activity.

The ACCME considers relationships of the person involved in the CME activity to include financial relationships of a spouse or partner.

Faculty and planners who refuse to disclose relevant financial relationships will be disqualified from participating in the CME activity. For an individual with no relevant financial relationship(s), the participants must be informed that no conflicts of interest or financial relationship(s) exist.

AMIA uses a number of methods to resolve potential conflicts of interest, including: limiting content of the presentation to that which has been reviewed by one or more peer reviewers; ensuring that all scientific research referred to conforms to generally accepted standards of experimental design, data collection, and analysis; undertaking review of the educational activity by a content reviewer to evaluate for potential bias, balance in presentation, evidence-based content or other indicators of integrity, and absence of bias; monitoring the educational activity to evaluate for commercial bias in the presentation; and/or reviewing participant feedback to evaluate for commercial bias in the activity .


All speakers and members of the planning committee have been asked to disclose any relevant financial relationships they may have with commercial interests. The presence or absence of relationships is disclosed here and in hard copy at the time of the meeting.

The following Scientific Program Committee members for this activity disclose that neither they nor their life partners have within the past 12 months relevant financial relationships with ACCME-defined commercial interests:

Chunhua Weng, Jianying Hu, Cui Tao, Gil Alterovitz, Vojtech Huser, Nicholas Tatonetti, Paul Avillach, Cosmin Bejan,  Olivier Bodenreider,  James Cimino, David Eichmann, Karen Eilbeck, Lewis Frey,  David Hanauer, Maricel Kann, Bernie LaSalle, Judith Logan, Subha Madhavan, Fernando Martin-Sanchez,
Jihad Obeid,  Jyotishman Pathak,  Peggy Peissig, David Vawdrey, Shyam Visweswaran,  Kavishwar Wagholikar, Russ Waitman, Colin Walsh,  Nicole Weiskopf, Hua Xu, Zhongming Zhao

The following Scientific Program Committee members of this activity disclose that they and/or their life partners have had in the previous 12 months the following relevant financial relationships with ACCME- defined commercial interests:

Role Name


Type of Relationship Commercial Interest
SPC/Reviewer Genevieve Melton Y Other Financial or Material Support: St. Jude Medical (Spouse employee);
SPC/Reviewer Genevieve Melton Y Grants/Research Support: NIH, AHRQ
SPC/Reviewer Riccardo Bellazzi Y Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Biomeris S.r.l.;
SPC/Reviewer Riccardo Bellazzi Y Consultant: IRCCS Fondazione S. Maugeri, Pavia
SPC/Reviewer Bradley Malin Y Consultant: Sanofi; Surescripts;  Celgene;
SPC/Reviewer Bradley Malin Y Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Privacy Analytics
SPC/Reviewer Philip Payne Y Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Signet Accel LLC; Signet Innovations;
SPC/Reviewer Philip Payne Y Consultant: Signet Accel LLC; Signet Innovations;
SPC/Reviewer Indra Sarkar Y Consultant: AcademyHealth;
Georgetown University

The following presenters of this activity disclose that neither they nor their life partners have had relevant financial relationships within the past 12 months with ACCME-defined commercial interests:

Zach Abrams, Srisairam Achuthan, Terrence Adam, Jason Adams, Steven Andrews, Elaine Ayres, Bhanu Bahl, Suzanne Bakken, Juan Banda, Rachel Beard, Michael Becich, Jess Behrens, Cosmin Bejan, Rimma Belenkaya, Gowtham Bellala, Suresh Bhavnani, Robert Bill, Colette Blach, Valeria Bo, Mary Regina Boland, Daniela  Bourges-Waldegg, Matthew Breitenstein, Jeffrey Brown, Aaron Browne, Anca Bucur, Nate Buscher, Karla Caballero Barajas, Daniel Capurro, Thomas Carton, Jonathan Chen, Yang Chen, Gregory  Cooper, Derek Corrigan, Erin Crowgey, Vasa Curcin, Lesley Curtis, Francisco De La Vega, Josh Denny, Jose Diaz-Garelli, Jon Duke, Ryan Duryea, Ines Dutra, Helena Ellis, Peter Embi, Hossein Estiri, Hua Fan Minogue, Alex Felmeister, Robert Freimuth, Lewis Frey, Paul Fu, Bradi Granger, Dexter Hadley, Melissa Haendel, Sanda Harabagiu, Gary Hardiman, Paul Harris, David Haussler, Zhe He, Tim Herr, James Hoffman, Kristi Holmes, Jacob Hughey, Vojtech Huser, Asma Idriss, Haruka Itakura, Kathryn Jackson, Alexandra Jacunski, Guoqian Jiang, Guoqian Jiang, Guoqian Jiang, Steven Johnson, David Jones, Barrett Jones, Pacharmon Kaewprag, Michael Kahn, Uri Kartoun, Abel Kho, Jacqueline Kirby, Jeffrey Klann, Benjamin Knoll, Christopher Knoll, Isaac Kohane, Suresh Kumar, E. Sally Lee, Omkar Lele, Tiffany Leung, Brian Levin,Gal Levy-Fix, Dingcheng Li, Helen Li, Yanpeng Li, Sarah Lim Choi Keung, Ko-Wei Lin, Jie Liu, Jie Long, Arturo Lopez Pineda, Tal Lorberbaum, Darcy Louzao, Yen Low, Zhongjun Luo, Subha Madhavan, Daniel Magee, Subramani Mani, Kenneth Mandl, Keith Marsolo, Micheal Matheny, James McClay, Kimberly McManus, Terrence Meehan, Daniella Meeker, Eric Meeks, Parsa Mirhaji, Douglas Morrison, Robert Moskovitch, Danielle Mowery, Christopher Mungall, Amanda Murphy, Shawn Murphy,  Mark Musen, Kenney Ng, Jihad Obeid, Lucila Ohno-Machado, Chloe O'Connell, David Odgers, John Osborne, Michal Ozery-Flato, David Page, Jagadeesh Patchala, Jyotishman Pathak, Lori Phillips, Stephen Piccolo, Tanya Podchiyska, Sambhawa Priya, Shruti Rao, Luke Rasmussen, Majid Rastegar-Mojarad, Christian Reich, Rachel Richesson, Tyler Rivera, Kirk Roberts, Patrick Ryan, Rebeca Salas-Boni, Hojjat Salmasian, Erik Schmidt, Matthew Scotch, Nigam Shah, Michael Sharpnack, Emily Sheffer, Justin Starren, Kari Stephens, Richard Stroup, Jimeng Sun, Timothy Sweeney, Suzanne Tamang, Cui Tao, Shiqiang Tao, Peter Tarczy-Hornoch, Pedro Teixeira, William Thompson, KP Unnikrishnan, David Vawdrey, Shyam Visweswaran, Francesca Vitali, Kavishwar Wagholikar, Russ Waitman, Colin Walsh, Chunye Wang, Nicole Washington, Griffin Weber, Wei Wei, Chunhua Weng, Adam Wilcox, Laura Wiley, Marc Williams, Tamara Winden, Michelle Winerip, Hua Xu, Alexandre Yahi, Xinan Yang, Meliha Yetisgen, Wen-wai Yim, Maryam Younes, Kun-Hsing Yu, Ping Zhang, Rui Zhang, Zhongming Zhao, Yongan Zhao, Hua Zheng, Jiaping Zheng, Weizhong Zhu, Wei Zhu, Maryan Zirkle

The following presenters of this activity disclose that they and/or their life partners have had the following relevant financial relationships within the past 12 months with ACCME-defined commercial interests:

Role First Last Relationships
Type of Relationship Commercial Interest
Presenter Stephen Ash Y Other Financial or Material Support ARGO
Presenter Rohit Divekar Y Other Financial or Material Support Google.com
Presenter Rohit Divekar Y Ad revenue < 1000$ / year From an unrelated website
Presenter Carol Friedman Y Consultant Health Fidelity Inc
Presenter Leslie McIntosh Y Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Asteris, LLC
Presenter Leslie McIntosh Y Consultant SafeTDoc, LLC
Presenter Katie Planey Y Consultant NuGEN
Presenter Ida Sim Y Grants/Research Support: Open mHealth
Presenter Brian Shirts Y Consultant Avalon Healthcare Solutions
Presenter Charles Tirrell Y Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Prometheus Research, LLC
Presenter Yajuan Wang Y Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Bayer Healthcare
Presenter Yajuan Wang Y Other Financial or Material Support: IBM

The following peer reviewers of this activity disclose that neither they nor their life partners have had financial relationships within the past 12 months with ACCME-defined commercial interests:

Douglas Bell, Wendy Chapman, Graciela Gonzalez, John Hurdle, Stephen, Johnson, Isaac Kohane, Ying Liu, James Masanz, Daniella Meeker, Jonathan Mortensen, Emily Patterson, Jennifer Prey, Raul Rabadan,Alexander Rusanov, Patrick Ryan, Guergana Savova, Nigam Shah, Stanley Shaw, Nathan Sisterson, Imre Solti, Jingqi Wang, Wei-Qi Wei, Stephen Wu, Aaron Abend, Srisairam Achuthan, Bhargav Adagarla, Terrence Adam, Tomasz Adamusiak, Monika Ahuja, Alex Alexander, Rasmeh AlHuneiti, Neda Alipanah, Amin AmirDabbaghian, Nick Anderson, Robert Annechiarico, Dvir Aran, Theodoros Arvanitis, Deven Atnoor, Raymond Auerbach, Elaine Ayres, Bhanu Bahl, Charles Bailey, Suzanne Bakken, Melissa Basford, Leigh Baumgart, Rachel Beard, Michael Becich, Elizabeth Bell, Gowtham Bellala, Medha Bhagwat, Krithika Bhuvaneshwar, Jiang Bian, Robert Bill, Moshe Biton, Valeria Bo, Simina Boca, Alex Bokov, Mary Regina Boland, Christopher Boone, Richard Boyce, Matthew Breitenstein, Stephanie Brinson, Mathias Brochhausen, Ian Brooks, Aaron Browne, Anca Bucur, Matan Burstin, Ryan Butcher, Karla Caballero Barajas, Michael Cairell, Tiffany Callahan, James Campbell, Thomas Campion, Julian Candia, Daniel Capurro, Simona Carini, John Carr,
Andrew Cates, Uma Chandran, Rajan Chandras, Mike Chang, Yo-Cheng Chang, Brian Chapman, Kathleen Charters, Bin Chen,  Elizabeth Chen, Jonathan Chen, Yang Chen
Yukun Chen, Laurent Chouchana, Ioanna Chouvarda, Sudhir Chowbina, Jayer Chung, Curtis Cole,  Elaine Collier,  Douglas Conway, Robert Coopersmith, Samir Courdy, Tarik Courdy, Paul Courtney, Jean Craig,  Dana Crawford, Robert Cronin, Licong Cui, Vasa Curcin, Arianna Dagliati, Lisa Dahm, Amar Das, Sudeshna Das, Maude David,  Ramana Davuluri, Carrie Daymont, Claudio Daza, Brendan Delaney, Dina Demner-Fushman, Josh Denny, Jose Diaz-Garelli, Deendayal Dinakarpandian, Son Doan, Xiao Dong,  N. Downing, Bryant Doyle,  Jon Duke, Michel Dumontier, Ines Dutra, Melinda Dwinell,  Emad Edaibat, Judith Effken, Felix Eichinger, Jean-Francois Ethier, Heather Evans, Julio Facelli,  Kristin Fallon-Hanley,  Hua Fan Minogue, Paul Fearn, Keith Feldman, Alex Felmeister, Qiping Feng,  Samah Fodeh,  Daniel Fort, Scott Fox, Robert Freimuth,  Paul Fu, Davera Gabriel, Jason Gagner, Blanca Gallego,  Purav Gandhi, Craig Ganoe, Vincent Gardeux, Kyungsook Gartrell, Yaorong Ge, Mary Gerkovich,  Julia Glenn, Rachel Goldfeder, Oksana Gologorskaya, Travis Goodwin, Vanathi Gopalakrishnan, Assaf Gottlieb, Ramkiran Gouripeddi, Robert Greenes, Varadraj Gurupur, Melissa Haendel, Michael Hagen, Zahra Hajihashemi, Eric Hall, Saeed Hassanpour, Jared Hawkins,  Winston Haynes, Shan He, Zhe He, Christian Hempelmann, Ricardo Henao, Charity Hilton, Joyce Ho, Harry Hochheiser, Paul Hodor, James Hoffman, Jeffrey Hoffman,
Mark Hoffman, John Holmes, Monica Horvath, Gregory Hruby, Chun-Nan Hsu, William Hsu,
Xiao Hu, Zhen Hu, Kun Huang, Wayne Huggins, Ray Hylock, Denise Hynes, Timothy Imler, Alexandra Jacunski, Guoqian Jiang, Min Jiang, Xiaoqian Jiang, Antonio Jimeno Yepes, Robert Johnson, David Jones, Spencer Jones, Siddhartha Jonnalagadda, Segun Jung, Sunanda Kane, Hannah Kang, Ming-Chih Kao, Charis Kaskiris, Rohit Kate, Ramakanth Kavuluru, Ameen Kazerouni, Marjorie Kelley, Mohammed Khalilia, Ritu Khare, Hossein Khiabanian, Min Kim, Eizen Kimura, Jeffrey Klann,  Julianna Kohler,  Sebastian Koehler, Ravikumar Komandur Elayavilli, Jejo Koola, Cartik Kothari,  Vassilis Koutkias,  Hye-Chung Kum, Vibha Kumar, Joseph Kunisch, Fabricio Kury, Gokce B. Laleci Erturkmen, Alex Lancaster, Brandyn Lau, E. Sally Lee,  Omkar Lele, Tiffany Leung, Suzanna Lewis, Dingcheng Li,  Haiqing Li, Haiquan Li, Haoran Li, Peter Li, Qi Li, Yanpeng Li, Siaw-Teng Liaw, Sarah Lim Choi Keung, Ivan Limongelli, King-Ip Lin, Michael Lin, Guodong Liu, Hongfang Liu, Jie Liu, Mei Liu,  Xiaochuan Liu, Carlos Lopez-Jimenez, Tal Lorberbaum, Erica Love, Yen Low,  Zhiyong Lu, Daniel Magee, Kenneth Mandl, Subramani Mani, Simone Marini, Keith Marsolo,  Micheal Matheny, Nicholas Matiasz, James McClay,  Brian McCourt, Michael McDuffie, Bridget McInnes, Daniella Meeker, Eric Meeks, Saeed Mehrabi, Rachel Melamed, Patrick Mergler, Martha Michel, Alex Milinovich, Michael Miller, Satoshi Mizuno, Sungrim Moon, Soheil Moosavinasab, Abu Mosa, Robert Moskovitch, Uma Mudunuri, Shawn Murphy, Radha Nagarajan, Antoine Neuraz, Kenney Ng,  Anthony Nguyen,  Kwangsik Nho, Anika Oellrich,  Soichi Ogishima, Casey Overby, Serguei Pakhomov, Maryam Panahiazar, Aman Patel, Vishal Patel, Marilyn Paterno,  Jeffrey Pennington, David Perez-Rey,  Alexandre Peshansky, Victoria Petri, Stephen Piccolo, Elodie Portales-Casamar, Steve Power, Jennifer Prey, Sambhawa Priya, Preethi Raghavan, Kalpana Raja, Satyajeet Raje, Luke Rasmussen, Majid Rastegar-Mojarad, Kourosh Ravvaz, Bisakha Ray, Susan Rea, Nancy Reame, Terrie Reed, Katja Reuter, Bryn Rhodes, Rachel Richesson, Pedro Rivera, Kirk Roberts, Peter Robinson, Jessica Ross, Mindy Ross, Euijung Ryu, Hojjat Salmasian, Sharlini Sankaran, Lisa Schilling, Angela Schwab, Christian Seebode, Daniele Segagni, Ajay Shah, Ravi Shankar, Yijun Shao, Ashish Sharma, Suzan Sherman, Dmitriy Shin, Soo-Yong Shin, Chaitanya Shivade, Michael Shoffner, Emily Silgard, Andrew Simms,  Gyorgy Simon, Mark Siska, Neil Smalheiser, Damian Smedley, Anthony Solomonides, Dezhao Song, Aaron Sorensen, Brett South, Kari Stephens,  Erika Strandberg, John Strauss, Hang Su, Wu-Chen Su, Jimeng Sun, Jingchun Sun, Timothy Sweeney, Suzanne Tamang,  Hiroshi Tanaka, Shiqiang Tao, Maja Tarailo-Graovac, Adel Taweel, Bradley Taylor, William Thompson, Sidney Thornton, Peter Tonellato, Umit Topaloglu, Tammy Toscos, Kim Unertl, Jay Urbain,
Maria Velez, Mark Velez, Robert Verheij, Brenda Vermillion, Teeradache Viangteeravat,  Garrick Wallstrom, Chen Wang, Haohan Wang,  Shuang Wang, Yan Wang, Zhongya Wang, Jeremy Warner, Phillip Warner, Griffin Weber,  Peter Weeke, Wei Wei, Mark Weiner, Brian Wells 
Bonnie Westra, Michelle Whirl-Carrillo, Adam Wilcox, Laura Wiley, Marisa Wilson, Tamara Winden, Deborah Woodcock, Jackie Wu, Jianmin Wu, Yonghui Wu, Matthew Wyatt, Yang Xiang, Nancy Xu, Nanfang Xu, Lixia Yao, Robert Yao, Zhan Ye (Harold), Po-Yin Yen, Meliha Yetisgen, Guanghui Yi, Kun-Hsing Yu, Jia Zeng, GQ Zhang, Ping Zhang, Rui Zhang, Yaoyun Zhang, Yuji Zhang, Yi Zhen, Hua Zheng, Jiaping Zheng, W. Jim Zheng, Qian Zhu, Wei Zhu, Weizhong Zhu, Whenhong Zhu, Michael Zimmermann

The following peer reviewers of this activity disclose that they and/or their life partners have had the following relevant financial relationships within the past 12 months with ACCME-defined commercial interests:

Name Relationships YES/NO Type of Relationship Commercial Interest
Russ Altman Y Consultant: Personalis Inc;
Russ Altman Y Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Personalis Inc;
Tara Borlawsky Y Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Signet Accel
Andrew Boyd Y Honorarium: Epic
Piotr Brodka Y Grants/Research Support: Orange Labs Poland; ALIOR Bank S.A.
Atul Butte Y Consultant: Lilly; NuMedii; Johnson and Johnson; Personalis; Carmenta; Roche; Ansh Labs; Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology; Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati; Verinata; Pathway Genomics; Covance; Regeneron; Geisinger; Gerson; Lehrman Group; Nuna; Bristol Myers Squibb; Genentech;
Atul Butte Y Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): NuMedii; Personalis; Carmenta; Nuna; Assay Depot; Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
Atul Butte Y Grants/Research Support: NIH;
Atul Butte Y Honorarium: Pfizer; Lilly; Siemens
Roy Byrd Y Grants/Research Support: NIH;
Roy Byrd Y Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): IBM
Kevin Coker Y Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): MolecularMatch
Randi Foraker Y Grants/Research Support: Pfizer, Inc.
Carol Friedman Y Consultant: Health Fidelity Inc
Shashi Gogia Y Consultant: AMLA MEDIQUIP
William Hammond Y Consultant: Expert witness
William Hammond Y Grants/Research Support: Various NIH and DoD
Jonathan Hirsch Y Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Syapse
Jonathan Hirsch Y Other Financial or Material Support: Syapse
Vijayabhaskar Kandula Y Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): http://www.coresysit.com/
Michael Keiser Y Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): SeaChange Pharmaceuticals Inc;
Michael Keiser Y Honorarium: Novartis
Martin Kohn Y Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): IBM
Martin Kohn Y Other Financial or Material Support: Jointly Health
Albert Lai Y Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): GE
Zach Larson Y Consultant: Crane Style Labs
Leslie McIntosh Y Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Asteris, LLC;
Leslie McIntosh Y Consultant: SafeTDoc, LLC
Stephane Meystre Y Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Clinacuity, Inc
Elizabeth Nelson Y Other Financial or Material Support: LabKey Software
Tudor Oprea Y Honorarium: AstraZeneca;  Merck Germany
Tudor Oprea Y Grants/Research Support: Givaudan Flavors Corporation
Katie Planey Y Consultant: NuGEN
Sandeep Sanga Y Other Financial or Material Support: Station X, Inc.
Elisabeth Scheufele Y Consultant: ConvergeHealth by Deloitte
Priyanka Sharma  Y Grants/Research Support: Myriad Genetic Laboratories; Roche;  GSK
Murat Sincan Y Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Illumina Inc.
Howard Strasberg Y Other Financial or Material Support: Employee of Wolters Kluwer Health
James Tcheng Y Consultant: Philips Healthcare
Guy Tsafnat Y Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Spokade Pty Ltd
Anita Walden Y Other Financial or Material Support: Society of Clinical Data Management
Yajuan Wang Y Stock Shareholder (directly purchased): Bayer Healthcare
Yajuan Wang Y Other Financial or Material Support: IBM

Nurse Planners Vivian West, PhD, MBA, RN (content) and Patricia C. Dykes, DNSc, RN, FACMI (ANCC criteria compliance) disclose that neither they nor their life partners have relevant financial relationships with ACCME-defined commercial interests.

All following AMIA staff involved with content development of this activity disclose that neither they nor their life partners have relevant financial relationships with ACCME- defined commercial interests:

Dasha Cohen; Pesha Rubinstein; Wanda Sheridan; Jeff Williamson