• March 23-27, San Francisco

    2015 Joint Summits on Translational Science

2015 Joint Summits Call for Late-Breaking Research Abstracts

The Submission Deadline has passed – Late submissions will not be accepted

Papers, abstracts, or panel proposals previously submitted for the 2015 AMIA Joint Summits are not acceptable for this submission.

The American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) is pleased to invite late-breaking submissions for the 2015 Summit on Translational Bioinformatics (TBI), to be held March 23-25, 2015 at the Parc 55 Hotel in San Francisco, California.

With an emphasis on cutting edge and late breaking developments, we anticipate that the TBI Summit will continue to be the premier venue for showcasing the latest bioinformatics research at the dynamic interface of biomedical research and patient care. We look forward to your submissions and to a rich program of cutting-edge, innovative approaches in the field of Translational Bioinformatics.

Late-Breaking research abstracts are different from the usual abstract submissions for the TBI Summit. A limited number of the highest quality abstracts will be accepted for podium presentations at the Summit. We also allow submission of high-impact, recently accepted or in revision papers to be submitted for Podium presentations.  Abstracts will not be indexed in Medline, enabling authors to submit their best work that is destined for other journal publications in the future.  Abstracts not competitive for podium presentations will be eligible for poster presentations.

Note: Papers, abstracts, or panel proposals previously submitted for the 2015 AMIA Joints Summits are not acceptable for this submission.

Categories of submission

Highlights Tracks – Recently accepted, high profile papers in Translational Science

We welcome a limited number of high profile in-press and recently accepted papers (publication dates April 1, 2014 or beyond) in translational bioinformatics for podium presentations.  Users should upload the abstract and a copy of the paper.  Abstracts will not be published in PubMed or elsewhere.  Pre-publication papers will be viewed only by Scientific Program Committee (SPC) members and kept confidential.

Podium Abstract Submissions

The abstract presentation is the classical vehicle for clinical and biological conference presentations, and is provided to allow for the presentation of important results that are not yet published or in development. Abstracts describing preliminary research results or results of small-scale studies, illustrating and discussing innovative bioinformatics techniques, big data, deep phenotyping, genomic or pharmacogenomic analyses, drug discovery or repurposing, informatics systems and services, or other topics relevant to translational informatics are encouraged.


Individuals will submit an abstract and the SPC will determine whether the submission is appropriate for podium or poster presentation. Authors will be able to state a preference for podium or poster formats. In general, the SPC will select, based on the reviews, the most innovative and impactful abstract submissions for podium presentations. Authors of abstracts accepted for podium presentation will have 15 minutes to present their work at the Summit plus five minutes for questions and discussion. Authors of abstracts not selected for podium presentation may be invited to share their work in a poster presentation format. The poster sessions are a component of the Summit designed to offer direct access to the authors in a way not possible through podium presentations. Each accepted poster will be displayed during a 60-90-minute poster session. At least one author must be present at the poster session. Electrical power is not supplied to individual posters.

An individual may be a first author of only one abstract submission, which can be in press or under consideration for journal publication elsewhere, but may not be under consideration at or previously presented at other conferences with published proceedings.

Your uploaded abstract file must be submitted as a one-page (8.5 x 11 inch) PDF document and must include:

  • The names, academic degree(s), affiliations, and locations (city, state, and country, if international) of all authors
  • A summary of approximately 50 words, which will also be pasted into a text box at the beginning of the online form to be used in the online and print programs
  • A brief Introduction and Background, Methods, Results and Discussion
  • One optional Illustration (Figure or Table), which must fit in the one page limit
  • Given limited space, abstracts are not expected to be fully-referenced. However, references may be included within the one page limit if desire