• April 7 - 11, San Francisco

    2014 Joint Summits on Translational Science

2014 CRI Posters and Reception

Thursday, April 10, 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Posters are listed in alphabetical order by author.

The Colibri project: a shared database of pediatric patients’ examinations
Cristina Altomare

Automating Data Re-Use Policies for NIH Intramural Clinical Research Data
Elaine Ayres

A Pilot Evaluation of Patient Data Sharing Preferences
Elizabeth Bell

Dynamical Approaches to Clinical Artificial Intelligence, Decision-Making, and Cognitive Computing
Casey Bennett

Methods For Identification Of Sexual Health Variables In A Research Data Warehouse
William Brown

Supporting the Discoverability of Research Objects by Connecting Research and Researchers with ORCID
Rebecca Bryant

Evaluating Clinical Studies for Scientific Merit and Financial Feasibility Prior to Human Subjects Review: A Workflow Approach Using REDCap
Thomas Campion

Bridging Clinical and Research Data through Informatics: Combining Automated Clinical Data Abstraction with Manual Annotation
Bas de Veer

UCReX Data Harmonization: Supporting Biomedical and Health Services Research Across the University of California
Davera Gabriel

DELVE: A Document Exploration and Visualization Engine
Daniel Harris

A Person-centered Health Information Delivery Tool  for Dementia Caregivers on an Ontological Semantic Basis
Christian Hempelmann

Comparative Analysis of Online Health Information Search by Device Type
Ashutosh Jadhav

WebGLORE: a Web service for Grid Logistic REgression
Wenchao Jiang

ICU-OR Waveform Data Collection and Repository
Hyeon Joo

Stanford-NIH Pain Registry: Open source platform for large-scale longitudinal assessment of clinical data and patient-reported outcomes
Ming-Chih Kao

Role of Citation Tracking in Updating of Systematic Reviews
Miew Keen

Automatic Clinical Note Type Classification for Heart Failure Patients
Youngjun Kim

HL7 SS-MIX standard storage using MongoDB
Eizen Kimura

Identifying Infection Phenotype Using an NLP Assertion Classifier on Microbiology Text
Sally Lee

Structured clinical data in a schema-less database platform
Peter Li

Electronic health records and disease registries to support integrated care in a health neighbourhood: an ontology-based methodology.
Siaw-Teng Liaw

A Web-based Clinical Trial and Participant Registry at Einstein-Montefiore Cancer Center
Yingqin Luo

Operationalizing Use of a Statewide Integrated Clinical Data Warehouse through a Multifaceted Educational Program
Genevieve Lyons

Connecting the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to the eagle-i Network:  an Open Source Solution
Ann Marie

Streamlined Sign-out of Capillary Protein Electrophoresis using Middleware and an Open-Source Macro Application
Gagan Mathur

The Role of Informatics Coordinator in Catalyzing Adoption of a Self-Service Integrated Data Repository Model
Tamara McMahon

Standards-Based Data Model for Clinical Documents and Information in the Shared Annotated Resources (ShARe) Project
Stephane Meystre

Using the EMR to Enhance the Clinical Research Enterprise: Protocol Validation, Feasibility, and Enrollment
Aaron Miller

Real-time Federated Data Translations using Metadata-driven XQuery
Peter Mo

Research Data Delivery System Using REDCap™ Data Dictionary/Data Import (DDDI) Functionality
Travis Nagler

Extracting Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis and Stage from Clinical Text
Kathryn Nichols

Leveraging a Single Instance of i2b2 Data Tables for Multiple SHRINE networks with Different Ontologies
Ayan Patel

Web Based Tool to Build a Parallel Corpus for English to Spanish Machine Translation
Balaji Polepalli

Automated Identification of Comorbidities from Patient’s EHR in the ER
Iv Ramakrishnan

Informed Consent for clinical record and Sample use in Research
Asad Rana

Ensuring Data Integrity, Quality, and Security in Statewide i2b2 Implementation
Katherine Reilly

Software for Ensuring Semantic Data Integrity: University of Florida's dchecker
Nicholas Rejack

Community Detection of Specialty Care for the Medically Underserved
Anna Ritko

SP+ An institutional integrated data and project management system for clinical research registries
Mark Sakauye

Expressing Research Protocols in an Electronic Medical Record Using a SOAP Interface
Matthew Scott

A Probabilistic Model for Reducing Medication Errors
Syed-Abdul Shabbir

Capturing and Visualizing Human Diseasomics Associations
Syed-Abdul Shabbir

Characterization of Clinical Data Elements for Secondary Use in a Comprehensive Cancer Center
Emily Silgard

CIEHLO: A Platform for Distributable Research Analytics
William Stephens

Intermountain iDiscover: Mobile, compliant, secure clinical trials research software
David Taylor

Governance of a Multi-institutional Integrated Clinical Data Warehouse
Christine Turley

Explorations with Distributional Semantic Models for Ad hoc Medical Concept Search
Jay Urbain

Electronic Tailored Infographics for Community Engagement, Education, and Empowerment (EnTICE3)
Mark Velez

A cross-sectional design for evaluation of clinical decision support
Kavishwar Wagholikar

EXpectation Propagation LOgistic REgRession (EXPLORER): Distributed Privacy-Preserving Online Model Learning
Shuang Wang

A Typology of Research Paradigms and Design Principles: Clinical Trials, Disease Registries, and Electronic Health Records
Rebecca Wilgus

A New Corpus for Clinical Events with Change of State
Meliha Yetisgen