• March 18-20, San Francisco

    2013 Summit on Translational Bioinformatics

Classify Your Proposal for TBI

We welcome submissions across the spectrum of topics related to the storage, management, analysis, retrieval, and visualization of large molecular data sets in the context of human health and disease. In contrast to previous years, there are no pre-defined tracks. Authors are asked to designate keywords for their proposals via the online submission form.

These keywords will be used to match proposals to reviewers and to help organize the papers, abstracts and panels that are accepted for the program into groups or tracks. While we recognize no classification scheme is perfect, you will be asked to choose terms that best characterize your proposal. Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


  1. Analysis Pipelines, Workflows, and Data Provenance
  2. Data Querying and Visualization
  3. Data Repositories
  4. Data Standards, Terminologies, and Ontologies
  5. Drug Discovery and Repurposing
  6. Epigenomics
  7. Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues Around Big Biological Data
  8. Experimental Data Metadata and Annotation
  9. Genetic/genomic decision support
  10. Genome-environment interactions
  11. Genomics and Transcriptomics
  12. Integrative Omic Analysis
  13. Metabolomics
  14. Metagenomics
  15. Molecular Biomarkers
  16. Natural Language Processing and Free Text Data Mining
  17. Next-Generation Sequencing
  18. Omic data in EHRs
  19. Personalized, Genomic, Stratified, Precision, Individualized, P4 Medicine
  20. Pharmacogenomics
  21. Proteomics
  22. Systems Biology and Network Analysis
  23. Systems Medicine
  24. Training in Translational Bioinformatics