• March 20-22, San Francisco

    2013 Summit on Clinical Research Informatics

Classify Your Proposal for CRI

We invite submissions that advance the field of clinical research informatics. In contrast to previous years, there are no pre-defined tracks. Work describing fundamental informatics methods as well as application are both welcome.

Authors will be asked to designate terms for their proposal via the online submission form. These terms will be used to match proposals to reviewers and to help organize the papers, abstracts and panels that are accepted for the program into groups or tracks. While we recognize no classification scheme is perfect, you will be asked to choose terms that best characterize your proposal. Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  1. Clinical data collection
  2. Clinical data repositories
  3. CRI education
  4. Data and information integration
  5. Data cleaning and validation
  6. Ethical, legal and social issues in clinical research informatics
  7. Image analysis for clinical and translational research
  8. Informatics support for clinical trials
  9. Informatics support for patient/consumer engagement in clinical research
  10. Informatics support for personalized health care
  11. Informatics support for sample (biospecimen) repositories (biobanking)
  12. Information quality
  13. Information visualization for discovery
  14. International (global) CRI
  15. Natural language processing
  16. Novel analytic methods
  17. Novel architectures for CRI systems
  18. Ontologies, coding systems and data standards
  19. Protection of personal health data
  20. Researcher needs
  21. Social networking for scientists
  22. Use of electronic health records for research
  23. Workflow analysis in clinical and translational research