• March 19-23, San Francisco

    2012 Joint Summits on Translational Science

    AMIA presents two essential back-to-back meetings for TBI and CRI scientists working throughout the spectrum of translational science. A ‘Bridge Day’ joins the two summit meetings for a day of shared sessions, a keynote, and informational exchange.

CRI Scientific Program Committee


Michael Kahn, University of Colorado, Program Committee Chair

Track Chairs

Tara Borlawsky, The Ohio State University

Chunhua Weng, Columbia University

Bernie LaSalle, University of Utah

Bill Barnett, Indiana University

SPC Members

David Eichmann, University of Iowa

Mike Conlon, University of Florida

Katy Borner, University of Indiana

Charlie Barr, Roche-Genentech

Hongfang Liu, Mayo Clinic

Andrew Post, Emory University

Joshua Denny, Vanderbilt University

Meredith Nahm, Duke University

Anil Jain, University of Cincinnati Health

Ashish Sharma, Emory University

Warren Kibbe, Northwestern University

Guoqian Jiang, Mayo Clinic