• June 6-8, La Jolla, CA

    InSpire 2017: Developing the Health Informatics Workforce of the Future

    A Conference for Educators and Employers

InSpire 2017: Developing the Health Informatics Workforce of the Future Conference

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Developing the Health Informatics Workforce of the Future

InSpire 2017 is a conference for educators to learn about state-of-the-art approaches and best practices in education, research, and training; and to build, support, and strengthen the academic informatics community. The goal of InSpire 2017 is to foster innovative approaches in informatics education to advance the health informatics workforce of the future. The conference is intended for faculty and program staff who are committed to their own professional growth as well as multidisciplinary, inter-professional informatics professionals at all levels of academic informatics.

The inaugural 2016 AMIA InSpire conference was hosted by AMIA’s Academic Forum community and attracted 150 + educators. We anticipate an even larger crowd of individuals interested advancing the current and next generation of health informatics professionals to join us in beautiful San Diego, California near the campus of University of California San Diego (UCSD).

The NLM Connection

Co-located with the National Library of Medicine (NLM) Informatics Training Conference will be held in cooperation with UCSD immediately preceding InSpire. We encourage NLM informatics trainees considering a career in academic informatics to attend, network, and explore professional opportunities.

The Education+Industry Connection

Informaticians acquire expertise through training/education and experience in the workplace—but many challenges remain in connecting education and industry. To meet this challenge, AMIA brings together not only the educators who produce these graduates, but also the industry and employers who want to shape and hire highly skilled and highly qualified informatics professionals. InSpire 2017 will host the AMIA Industry Advisory Council (IAC) retreat on June 6 for informaticians who are active in academic settings and/or in industry.

InSpire Attendees

InSpire 2017 is a conference for current and aspiring educators and program coordinators focusing on academic informatics across the continuum of high school, associate, baccalaureate, graduate, post-doctoral and professional education.

Educators from informatics and related programs with a focus on basic scientific discovery and research through practical application and implementation are welcome at InSpire 2017.